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Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones Concentrate 200g (Canine)

Mobile Bones NEW Concentrate pack! which now replaces the 500g original Mobile Bones.

- Promotes joint comfort & mobility
- Aids development of strong bones
- Glucosamine + 15 powerful ingredients
- Save on medication/ prescription foods
- No side effects
- Ideal for elderly, working, competing & injured dogs

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"After a years long, hard work and research Pooch & Mutt are now proud to announce the launch of NEW concentrated products.

The new concentrates use the same active ingredients as the existing, successful products. By changing from pellets to powder/ granules Pooch & Mutt have been able to take out some of the inactive ingredients, making the products more concentrated and smaller.

The concentrates will help dogs in the same way as the existing products, with the same benefits from the same active ingredients.


Mobile Bones is a joint and bone supplement for dogs. Which has had great success with:





Due to advances in nutrition and veterinary science, dogs are now living much longer. Old age can affect a dog much in the same way as it can a human, joints can become stiff. The resulting loss of mobility has a serious impact on a dog's quality of life and the scope of activities that dogs and their owners can enjoy together.

Feeding Mobile Bones maintains bone strength and joint, tendon and cartilage health. This can be of benefit not only to older dogs, but also those with joint problems, recovering from injury or whose joints and bones are under pressure from their daily routine.


* SHINY COAT. Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils are included for joint lubrication. These also have a beneficial effect on a dog's coat, making it strong, healthy and shiny.

* TEETH & BREATH: Many users have reported that after feeding Mobile Bones their dog's teeth have become cleaner, whiter and healthier with reduced plaque build up. This is down to the inclusion of ingredients such as calcium, included for bone-strength.

* FERTILITY: Ingredients such as zinc, copper, selenium, antioxidant vitamins, omega 3 & 6, linseed and yucca are known to help semen quality, semen quantity, libido, sperm motility, sexual development and sperm membrane integrity.

More Information

Manufacturer Pooch & Mutt
Uses As an in feed joint and bone supplement for dogs
Key Ingredients GLUCOSAMINE (HCL) Glucosamine is vital for cartilage metabolism and for the renewal of connective tissue in and around the joints. It is required for the formation of synovial fluid, the joints natural lubricant and provides the joints with the building blocks needed to repair damage caused by wear and tear and the natural ageing process. MSM (methyl sulphonyl-methane) Mobile Bones takes advantage of the powerful synergy between glucosamine and MSM. Our organic, bio-available MSM provides the building blocks for protein, vital for tendon and ligament repair. Its proteins are a key component in cartilage formation and can aid muscle recovery and promote circulation. OMEGA 3 & 6 Mobile Bones has the correct balanced ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 to support and aid a normal immune system and to mop up the free radical damage caused by imbalanced fatty acids. The Omega-3 comes from one of the richest natural sources, linseed. Omega-3 is required for the formulation of specific prostaglandins. The balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 is believed to be important in modulating prostaglandin levels. Omega-6 in Mobile Bones is not derived from fish, but from evening primrose oil, which is one of the richest natural sources of this special Omega-6 fatty acid, required to form prostaglandins which control many of the body’s functions including reactions to stress and injury. Research has demonstrated that evening primrose oil provides significant benefit to help maintain and support healthy joints. FREE RADICAL QUENCHERS Vitamins C & E produce a combination of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins with antioxidant properties. The two act synergistically with important enzymes, such as peroxidise, which naturally mop up free radicals. Vitamic C plays a crucial role in the formation of collagen, an important protein in joints. GRAPE SEED EXTRACT Rich in bioflavenoids and very high in antioxidant activity it supports the immune system and maximises joint flexibility. SILICON Required for healthy, strong, dense bone formation. This vital ingredient helps with the utilisation of calcium and is often missing from processed feeds. SELENIUM Provided in the optimum organic form that is more easily absorbed by the dog. Selenium is a key antioxidant that helps in the maintenance and structure of joints and immune response. MANGANESE BIOPLEX Which enables certain key enzymes in protein to function properly. B COMPLEX VITAMINS Which help protein to turnover bone collagen, cartilage protein, tissue elastin and muscle. They are vital to increase oxygen uptake and thereby promoting active muscles during exercise and shortening recovery times. CALCIUM and PHOSPHOROUS Correctly balanced to ensure good bone formation. YUCCA Used for centuries by native Americans to ease their ponies joints, not realising the benefits were due to the saponins that it contained. Our yucca is spcially grown from a sustainable source. MINT Which contains bioflavenoids helping to support joints that may be compromised due to wear and tear. ALFALFA A rich source of calcium and quality protein essential for the maintenance of all body tissue. As with all of our products, Mobile Bones is made in a non-GM UFAS accredited mill and packed in 100% recyclable, biodegradable packaging. Mobile Bones does NOT contain chondroitin, which is often derived from shark or battery chickens."
Instructions for use Sprinkle the recommended daily amount over your dogs regular food. Introduce gradually. If your dog is at the larger end of the weight range you may need to add an extra 50%. For best results feed year-round. Daily amounts are based on this product being the sole source of supplemental vitamins and minerals. Daily amount can be added to a single feed, or split between feeds.

For dogs <10kg give 1 tsp daily;
For dogs 10-25kg give 2 tsp daily;
For dogs 25-50kg give 3 tsp daily;
For dogs >50kg give 4 tsp daily
Other Available Sizes 100 tablets and 500 tablets
How long will it last? Dependant on size of dog, upto 2 months
Approx cost per day Dependant on size of dog, from 17p per day
Quotes/ Testimonials Barney was not limping or showing any sign of pain when he came to me, but he was moving quite slowly and he did however have a very pronounced sideways gait when he tried to run.

His coat was not in the best of condition and he was a little over weight.

Since being on the Mobile Bones his back legs look better when he runs and he runs much more frequently than when he first came to me.

He has lost some weight and his coat is now shiny.

He seems to be a much happier dog all round. I think the Mobile Bones has helped with his all round fitness and will keep him on it as it seems to suit him.

Anila Boney


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Pooch and Mutt Mobile Bones Concentrate 200g

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