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Z-itch Pour On Solution 250ml (Equine)

Z-itch is a new, UK authorised veterinary medicinal product for horses, ponies and donkeys suffering from sweet itch.

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Whilst there isn’t a cure for sweet itch, management techniques and specially designed products can help keep your horse happy, healthy and comfortable. Z-itch is a brand new, UK authorised veterinary medicinal product for horses and ponies suffering from sweet itch. For the horse, Z-Itch helps prevent itchiness during the summer months, and for the horse owner, it makes life simple, requiring only one application a week!

It comes in a ready to use, pour on solution which is administered directly to the affected mane and tail areas. Treatment should be started at the beginning of the sweet itch season, and then repeated as necessary. Once weekly applications are sufficient for most horses.

DOSAGE GUIDELINES:Z-itch should be administered at a rate of 4mg/kg of bodyweight, equivalent to 1.0ml per 10kg bodyweight up to a maximum of 40ml.

CAUTION: Protective clothing and chemically resistant (PVC, rubber or nitrile) gloves should be worn when applying the product. Wash splashes from skin and eyes immediately.

More Information

Manufacturer Z-itch
Legal Category AVM-GSL (General Sales)
Uses To aid in the control of sweet itch in horses, ponies and donkeys.
Key Ingredients Permethrin 40mg/ml
Instructions for use Apply the measured dose in approximately equal proportions to the mane and rump avoiding the saddle area. Treatment should be started at the beginning of the sweet itch season and repeated as necessary - treatment once weekly should be sufficient for most horses. If horses and donkeys are to be groomed, apply the product after grooming. Do not treat the saddle area. The product must not be applied forward of the ears. Take care to avoid eye contact. In case of accidental splashing into the horse's eye, the affected eye should be washed thoroughly and immediately with copious quantities of clean water and veterinary attention sought.

Z-itch should be administered at a rate of 4mg/kg of bodyweight, equivalent to 1.0ml per 10kg bodyweight up to a maximum of 40ml.
How long will it last? 250ml applied at 40ml once a week will last approximately 6 weeks.
Quotes/ Testimonials Tested for over 8 weeks on a pony with moderate/severe sweet itch. Easy to use dispenser. This is the first year he has tolerated his problem and although he rubbed a little, not to the extent of damaging his mane or tail or rubbing himself raw. I would highly recommend this and consider it reasonably priced. Definitely effective and does not have any offensive odour. - Tested in Farm N Equine

Protection of Operators: Wear protective clothing, boots and chemically resistant gloves such as rubber, PVC or nitrile when applying the product. Wash splashes from skin and eyes immediately. When using the product do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hands and exposed skin before eating, drinking or smoking and after work. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep away from food, drink and animal feedingstuffs. If signs of disease persist or appear, consult a veterinary surgeon.

Protection of Consumers: Not to be used on horses intended for human consumption. Treated horses may never be slaughtered for human consumption. The horse must have been declared as not intended for human consumption under the national horse passport legislation.

Disposal: Dangerous to fish and other aquatic life. Do not contaminate ponds, waterways or ditches with the product or used container. Dispose of any unused product and empty containers in accordance with guidance from your local waste regulation authority.

Please Read:

This item is an Authorised Veterinary Medicinal product (POM-VPS or NFA-VPS, see classifications below) so Supplement Solutions must comply with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) Code of Practice. There is a series of questions which you must answer before the website will allow you to place your order - Please answer these questions acccurately so that our SQP (Suitable Qualified Person) can fully understand your situation.  On receipt of your order your answers will be checked by our SQP who will release the order for dispatch. In some cases our SQP may need to contact you before releasing the order, so please include your day time and evening contact numbers on your order details. If you wish to contact our SQP, Hannah Wild, please do not hesitate to call her on 01995 671787 or email

For the most up-to-date information about this product, including dosing and warnings, please see the VMD product database

The classification of medicinces are as follows:

POM-V = Prescription only medicine - Veterinary. This can only be prescribed by a Veterinary, but supplied by either a Veterinary or a Pharmacist.

POM-VPS = Prescription Only Medicine - Veterinary, Pharmacist or Suitably Qualified Person (SQP). These products can only be prescribed and supplied by one of the Registered Qualified Persons listed.

NFA-VPS = Non Food Animal - Veterinary, Pharmacist, or Suitably Qualified Person (SQP). These products can only be supplied by one of the Registered Qualified Persons listed.

AVM-GSL = Authorised Veterinary Medicine - General Sales List. These can be supplied by any retailer.

Visit our Veterinary Medicines page for more information

Full information regarding Veterinary Medicines can be found on the VMD's website

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Z-itch Pour on Solution 250ml

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