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Cavalor ProGrow (Equine)

Pelleted feed supplement for foals, young horses and brood mares. Mix of granules with a maximum content of vitamins and minerals, specially developed for foals, young horses and broodmares.

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During gestation, the mare's body ensures that the important "building blocks" specifically designed for growth are produced. These substances are essential for the development and protection of the unborn foal. During lactation, the mare also transfers these substances to the foal. As a consequence, the growing foal can develop a strong locomotive system as Cavalor ProGrow contributes to a healthy immunity status.

For the production of these "building blocks" the horse's body needs a complex array of nutritional elements, such as minerals and amino acids with a high biological value. If there is a deficit of these nutrients in the base ration or if less of these required nutrients are absorbed, fewer of the important "building blocks" will be produced. This may subsequently lead to reduced bone or joint development in the foal/young horse or a decrease in the mare's body condition (depending on the period of the deficit). It is of major importance that both mare (during last three months of gestation and first three months of lactation) and foal receive these important "building blocks". An adequate supply of these "building blocks" is critical during this period.

Cavalor ProGrow can also be used as a supplement for horses older than one year that need additional high-grade minerals.

Cavalor ProGrow is a blend of minerals that contains high-grade biological ingredients to fulfill the increased need for specific substances during the period of gestation (last three months), lactation and growth (up to about three years). Maerl and Yucca have recently been added to the formula to improve the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus. Cavalor ProGrow contains vitamins A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, H (biotin); folic acid; choline; and minerals/trace elements: iron, copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, cobalt, selenium; magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, lysine, methionine, cysteine, threonine and tryptophan. Due to its exceptional composition, Cavalor ProGrow can be given along with the normal feed.

Can I add a joint supplement to my foal's feed alongside ProGrow?
Cavalor Arti Base can be safely used as a supplement for foals and young horses who appear to have swollen legs. Cavalor ProGrow may be used when there are indications that the overall growth of a healthy horse should be supported with additional nutrients.

What are the most important nutrients for my growing foal?
Besides energy and vitamins, foals need various nutritional building blocks to support their growth such as, minerals and proteins (i.e. amino acids like lysine). The intake level of these nutrients is important, but the ratio in which they are fed is crucial. Cavalor ProGrow is specially designed to provide the needed nutritional support for foals, young horses and brood mares. Cavalor ProGrow contains eight different vitamins including vitamins A, B3, C, D3 and E. Together, these vitamins boost immunity, stimulate calcium and phosphate absorption for bone formation and help prevent muscular dystrophy among other benefits.

Is there a risk of overdosing on certain ingredients included in supplements?
In some cases, yes. This will depend on the list of ingredients. Supplements rich in fat soluble vitamins such as, vitamins E, D3, A and K should to be administered as “directed on the label as overdosing can generate negative side effects. There is no risk of overdose when using supplements rich in water soluble vitamins such as B-vitamins. Cavalor supplements high in fat soluble vitamins: Cavalor NutriPlus, Cavalor Support and Cavalor ProGrow.

Cavalor ProGrow contains:
- Vitamins: to support bones, growth, cell growth, metabolism, stress reactions etc...
- Minerals: (calcium, phosphate and magnesium): essential for good bone formation
- Organic trace elements: important for strong bones and skeletal formation
- Contains Natural Vitamin D3: plays an important role in the calcium metabolism
- Amino acids: Essential for the formation of proteins with high biological value. These are very important for optimal growth
- Fatty acids: To improve the horse’s condition

More Information

Manufacturer Cavalor
Uses Vitamin and mineral supplement for foals, young horses and brood mares
Key Ingredients Vitamins per kg: Vitamin A 500 000 IU, Vitamin D3 50 000 IU, Vitamin E 5 500 mg, Vitamin K3 70 mg, Vitamin B1 33.4 mg, Vitamin B2 128.4 mg, Vitamin B3 260 mg, Vitamin B6 26.8 mg, Vitamin B12 0.5 mg Trace elements per kg: Iron 2 000 mg, Cu 1 250 mg, Zn 5 000 mg, Mn monohydrate - manganese 5 000 mg, I – iodine 40 mg, Co - cobalt 12 mg, Se 9.8 mg Analysis: Calcium 6%, Phosphorus 2.5%, Magnesium 1.9%, Sodium 0.6%, Potassium 0.65%, Lysine 1.9%, Methionine 1.5%, Cystine 0.19%, Threonine 0.48%, Tryptophane 0.14%
Instructions for use Foals and ponies: 100 g/day (max 200 g/day)
Young horses: 150 g/day (max 300 g/day)
Gestating (last 3 months) and lactating mare: 200 g/day (max 400 g/day)

1 scoop = 110g
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average 500kg horse) 100-200g
How long will it last? 5kg: Foals and ponies - 50 days
Young horses - 33 days
Gestating and lactating mare - 25 days

25kg: Foals and ponies - 250 days
Young horses - 165 days
Gestating and lactating mare - 125 days
Approx cost per day 5kg - £1.37, 25kg - 56p
Suitable for use during pregnancy? YES
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules YES


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