Barrier Sheath Cleanser 250ml (Equine)

Sheath Cleanser naturally softens and loosens hard and sharp smegma.

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Sheath Cleanser

Your gelding's sheath should be cleaned regularly to prevent a build up of smegma - a breeding ground for bacteria. Infection and swelling can be caused by lack of cleanliness and should be checked out by your vet.

Smegma: This is the build up of grime, secretions and dirt appearing as a black tar like smelly substance around your gelding's sheath and sometimes down the inside of the hind legs. Safety: Sheath Cleanser is entirely non-toxic and non-irritant - but extreme care must be taken inside the sheath as the smegma can be razor sharp and easily graze this thin membrane and allow infection to set in. FEI & HRA Rules: No materials have knowingly been included in this product that may contravene current rules.
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Manufacturer Barrier
Size 250ml
Presentation Liquid
Testimonial 'As a professional dressage rider and trainer for many years, I've always found sheath cleaning a bit of a trial as the products I used didn't work well and the horses didn't like it one bit! Then my trainer Carl Hester, recommended Barrier Animal Healthcare's Sheath Cleanser to me and I've found it absolutely brilliant. It's the only product I know that actually does soften the smegma, which then just falls away. It's so effective and gentle and lubricates the sheath so well, that you can clean the whole area without irritating the horse; in fact they seem to find it quite pleasant and relaxing. I've used it ever since and definately won't be using anything else but your Sheath Cleanser in future! - Maria Wellman, Dressage Rider and Trainer.
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Instructions for use Gently clean the sheath at regular intervals. Applying 'Sheath Cleanser' directly to the penis after your horse has relieved himself is probably the easiest way. Cleaning inside the sheath where there may be sharp smegma can result in swelling and infection so extreme care must be taken.
Ingredients Label Non-toxic and non-irritant ingredients.
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