When it comes to your horse's gut, who better to ask than, Protexin Equine Premium? Take a look at 12 tips to help promote good gut health in your horse. The horse's digestive system is a complex one, responsible for breaking down food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating waste. Health problems can arise if the gut
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Bonfire season is upon us and it is essential we take precautionary measures to prepare for fireworks when it comes to our horses, this is to ensure we get through this period safely and with as little stress as possible. Here are some of our tips for preparing and managing your horse's routine. What can
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With firework season just around the corner, we understand how important it is to take care of our furry friends during festivities. As much as we enjoy the celebrations and the bright lights, our pets may not share the same enthusiasm. In fact, fireworks can cause anxiety and stress for many pets, making it crucial

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  • BETA Business Awards 2023
    What another great year it has been for Supplement Solutions! We had some tough competition in the Zebra Products Retailer of the Year Award at the BETA Business Awards 2023!
  • Supplement Specialists turned Film Makers
    Nothing says welcome to the team like hanging out out of your new bosses sun-roof while her husband drives round a field!
  • Top Tips for Turnout Success – Your Time to Shine
    Get ready to stand out from the crowd with some top tips to get you ready for your ring. Be it the show ring, a center line or a course of show jumps, we all like to be ready for action! Turning out well also offers comfort for the individual and can help put them

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  • Your Horse Has Guts
    Good health starts from within, supporting your horse's gut can have a huge impact on their overall well-being and vitality. Your horse's digestive system connects to many other systems in your horse's body, including fertility, body condition, immunity, cognition, hoof health and energy, among others.
  • Why you should feed your horse cookies…
    We aren't talking chocolate chip cookies! Not only are these cookies great for horses on a restricted or grain free diet, they are ideal for use where a syringe product may be required. Easy to administer; you can feed the cookies from your hand.
  • Step in a New Direction…
    Alas, no April Fool, we saw the offices close on 1st April 2023 as the founder of Equi Life, Robert A Eustance FRCVS retired. We understand this will leave a number of customers worldwide lost for which hoof product to use for their equines.

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  • Don’t forget your pet!
    With firework season just around the corner, we understand how important it is to take care of our furry friends during festivities.
  • Got Fleas?
    Have you experienced flea problems with your pets or at home? Effectively manage and treat a flea infestation. Fleas are an endocytic parasite that live on the skin of our pets. They jump from host to host; meaning they pass from animal to the home and even humans.
  • Mobility Support for the Older Pet
    At Supplement Solutions, we know that it’s not just horses that may need a bit of extra nutritional support. Cats and dogs are now living longer, and there are many supplements available to support the joints of the older pet. We know it can be confusing looking through a wide range of supplements. In this