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Cosequin Tried & Tested

"Back in April both myself and our Team Supplement Solutions riders were lucky enough to try out some products from the Protexin Equine Premium range. My horse, Emma, had recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hocks and this combined with her age (17) meant I was on the hunt for a higher specification joint supplement than I was already feeding. Working at Supplement Solutions I know all to well how baffling the choice can be when it comes to supplements as there's just so many available! Kate from Protexin kindly offered us a trial of their joint supplement, Cosequin.


It fitted the bill and there's a few reasons that I particularly liked the sound of Cosequin:

- High specification ingredients with very high purity levels: Each level scoop (3.3 g) contains: Glucosamine HCl* (>99% Purity): 1800 mg, Chondroitin Sulphate* (100% Purity): 600 mg. - Studies to back up the effectiveness of these ingredients: I'm a typical horse owner and don't mind forking out if I know that a product is worth the money in the long run. - Palatable: Crucial when you have a fussy TB! At 1-2 3.3g scoops per day at maintenance level this isn't going to make Emma turn her nose up. The powder is odourless and she hasn't even noticed I've added it to her feed.Protexin CosequinBETA NOPS Approved: Similar to the point above I like to know what I'm paying for and the fact that this product is produced in accordance to the BETA NOPS code. It's not that I'm outcompeting every weekend but it's for peace of mind. I think this rings true with a lot of horse owners and the BETA NOPS logo is reassuring that there's no nasties!

Protexin CosequinI've now been feeding Cosequin to Emma for 4 months and I'm on my second tub. The first tub lasts slightly less time as there is a loading period of 2-4 weeks. As I knew Emma had a specific joint problem I did a 3 week loading period and now feed 2 scoops a day (the higher level of maintenance for her weight). Feeding Cosequin alongside veterinary treatment has resulted in a much happier horse! I've noticed a big difference both in the stable and field - a lot less clicking and generally a lot more nimble when getting up and down. Emma is semi-retired but is so much looser and free whilst out on our wanders. We will definitely be repeat customers!


Protexin CosequinProtexin Cosequin

The price does look pretty hefty for a small tub but don't be put off. Each tub contains 212 scoops so a little really does go a long way. If you're feeding 1 scoop a day this works out at 87p per day which is very reasonable considering the quality of ingredients you are getting. Sometimes it's really worth looking at how much each supplement costs you each day as some can look economical but hardly last any time! Most of the products on the Supplement Solutions website have this already worked out for you so you can directly compare prices easily."

Alice and Emma

Look out for future blog posts to see how Team Supplement Solutions got on with their trials...

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