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Cavalor Muscle Fit (Equine)

Complementary feed for horses as nutritional support for supple muscular motion. Use before and after intense efforts to obtain optimal muscle fitness and flexibility. After 2 days, your horse will be less subject to muscle stiffness and soreness.

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Muscle cramps and stiffness are phenomena that human athletes can relate to. Riders who lack sufficient athletic condition may also suffer from these muscle problems. Top competition horses experience similar problems. Since the performance level is high, it is essential to prevent acidosis. The consequences of not recognizing, preventing and solving muscle stiffness is well known: loss of condition, not being able to participate in competitions, injuries, and perhaps even an end to participation in all competitive sports. Competition horses have a greater need for these nutrients. Horses that have had previous muscle problems may remain sensitive to these problems. The administration of Cavalor Muscle Fit for 2 to 3 days before a heavy effort will result in improved muscle action.

Cavalor Muscle Fit contains a wide selection of nutritional elements that counteract the production of acid and break down and remove accumulated acid relatively quickly, even under strenuous conditions. Cavalor Muscle Fit has been recently enriched with isolated whey protein, an immuno-compound that aids muscle performance by its antioxidant activity. The composition of Cavalor Muscle Fit - a mixture of specific vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, sulfur precursors, natural anti-oxidants and other nutrients - makes it a product often recommended by specialists.

For precise dosage and a long shelf life, Cavalor Muscle Fit is supplied in small sachets. It contains: vitamins E, B1, B2, B12, B15; herbs; trace elements: manganese, zinc, selenium; calcium, sodium, magnesium, lysine, methionine (see packaging for label values).

Can Cavalor OilMega replace other Cavalor products (for example Cavalor Resist or Cavalor Muscle Fit)?
No, these are different products that act on different levels. Cavalor OilMega provides energy and influences the fatty acid composition and the immunity status of the animal. The NAB in OilMega may help the microflora to fight against pathogens. Cavalor Resist provides nutrients necessary to improve antioxidant and immunity status, as well as to help the horse protect itself from environmental influences that may impair its health (e.g., horses that will be subjected to international transportation or to different environments). Cavalor Muscle Fit is especially designed to provide nutrients that support muscle health and provide dietary tools to prevent fatigue. Horses with muscle problems may benefit from the combined supplementation of Cavalor Muscle Fit and Cavalor OilMega.

How long does it take to see the effect of Cavalor Muscle Fit?
Riders should be able to feel an improvement on the suppleness of their horses’ muscles within a few days.

Do different kinds of energy need different kinds of energy sources to function properly?
There are two different types of energy sources: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic and anaerobic refer to the presence and absence of oxygen. Aerobic energy refers to the use of oxygen. Most of our cells prefer to get their energy by using oxygen to fuel metabolism. During aerobic exercise, with adequate fuel and oxygen, muscle cells can contract repeatedly without fatigue (e.g., Endurance, Driving, Dressage, Eventing, long distance racing). For aerobic activity, suitable rations should be high in vegetable fats, such as soy oil, corn oil and linseed oil. Anaerobic energy refers to not using oxygen. Muscle cells must rely on other reactions that do not require oxygen to fuel muscle contraction (e.g., high intensity exercises such as: Show Jumping and short distance racing). For anaerobic activity, suitable rations should contain higher levels of starch such as oats, wheat, etc. It is important to pay close attention to avoid an overdose on sugars and starches, as it can cause muscle problems. Bottom line, feed as needed based on the level of activity of your horse. To avoid muscle fatigue, we recommend supplementing your horse’s diet with Cavalor Muscle Liq, or Cavalor Muscle Fit.

Can I provide Cavalor Muscle Fit daily for a prolonged period?
Yes, horses sensitive to muscle stress may especially benefit from daily supplementation with Cavalor Muscle Fit for longer periods.

What is the difference between Cavalor Muscle Fit and Cavalor Muscle Liq?
Cavalor Muscle Fit contains high-quality nutrients that improve muscle function and therefore help prevent the onset of fatigue. Cavalor Muscle Fit should be used several days before competition and as a nutritional support for horses with muscle problems. Cavalor Muscle Liq can best be used during training, while Cavalor Muscle Fit can be given two days before, during and one day after competition.

Cavalor Muscle Fit contains:
- Vitamins E, C, B: These vitamins are important for:
1. increased resistance of the cells against a lack of oxygen, which occurs after the action of the muscle
2. oxidation: Vit E is a natural anti-oxidant that prevents the oxidation (=destruction) of the muscle cells
3. the vitamin C used in this formula is surrounded by a mineral complex, which makes the vitamin more stable, more bio – available and harmless for the digestive system
4. Too many carbohydrates cause muscular problems, due to the production of lactic acid
- Selenium: Works synergic with vitamin E and has an important role against muscle damage,
resulting in stiffness and lameness.
- MSM: Sulphur is important for muscles, joints, cartilage, bones and the blood. MSM is the best absorbable and biologically available source of sulphur.
- Whey protein isolate (WPI): WPI is a glutation precursor. Glutation is a very powerful antioxidant. Pure Glutation cannot be absorbed orally. Cavalor uses a nutrient complex called WPI that stimulates the production of Glutation in the body. Glutation protects the cells against destruction caused by increased free radicals attack. Glutation together with other anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, E, Bioflavonoiden and Se neutralize these free radicals.
- Organic minerals: Muscle Fit contains minerals with an organic carrier. This increases the bio availability of the mineral.
- Lysine and methionin: These essential amino acids are important in the build up of the muscle cells

More Information

Manufacturer Cavalor
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules YES
Condition New
Instructions for use 30g/day (2 sachets) fed 2 days before, during and 1 day after the competition.
Maximum per horse: 120g/day
In case of serious muscle problems, daily administration during 4 weeks. After these 4 weeks give only 2 days before until 1 days after strenuous work or competition.
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 30g
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average 500kg horse) (Grams) 30
How long will it last (days)? 900g - 30 days
2kg - 67 days
5kg - 167 days
Approx cost per day 900g - £2.72, 2kg - £1.74, 5kg - £1.60
Ingredients Label Lysin 6%, Methionin 6%, Natrium 6.6%, Magnesium 2.2%, Phosphorus 3.8%, Calcium 1.1%, Vitamin E 22 000 mg/kg, Vitamin C 37 000 mg/kg, Vitamin B1 1 600 mg/kg, Vitamin B2 1 600 mg/kg, Vitamin B12 20 mg/kg, Manganese 1 650 mg/kg, Zinc 1 031 mg/kg, Organic form of Selenium 10 mg/kg MSM, Whey protein isolate


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