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Feedmark Performance - Stamina & Endurance (Equine)

All-in-one supplement for speed, stamina and power.

Performance - Stamina & Endurance is an all-in-one supplement providing nutritional support for horses requiring speed, stamina and power. Slow release, high fat energy allows prolonged exercise sessions and a sustained performance, whilst high quality protein and optimum levels of B vitamins and Magnesium support muscle function and development. Premium joint ingredients guard against the effects of high impact disciplines, helping to maintain flexibility and joint health. Ingredients promoting skin, hoof, digestive and immune health are also included making Performance - Stamina & Endurance the ideal supplement for horses competing in Eventing, Show Jumping, Polo, Driving, Team Chasing and Hunting, or those requiring higher levels of joint and immune support.

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Performance is associated with competition and striving to achieve the best. In equestrian sport, competition can require horses to perform intricate movements with poise, precision and focus, or to generate power and energy to clear obstacles, move at speed and sustain performance.

Performance – Stamina and Endurance provides...
Energy and protein:
Slow release energy for prolonged exercise sessions is provided by Rice Bran, whilst micronised Linseed and Soya supply readily available energy to ensure your horse has the power and speed to respond instantly. Soya and Linseed also provide natural sources of essential amino acids that are vital for supporting muscle development and recovery and enable your horse to work with power and impulsion. Effective metabolism of these energy sources within muscle cells is facilitated by an optimum supply of B vitamins that are essential for the formation of coenzymes and enzymes needed for normal cell metabolism. Combined, these ingredients provide stamina and power necessary for success in Eventing, Endurance, Driving, Polo, Team Chasing, Hunting and Show Jumping.

Muscle function and elasticity:
Selenium is an essential component of healthy muscle tissue, and alongside vitamin E, acts as an antioxidant to optimise normal cell function and health. Magnesium is also provided to support muscle function through its involvement with normal nerve processes and muscle relaxation, allowing horses and ponies to work with greater flexibility and suppleness. Performance – Stamina and Endurance provides an optimum level of these ingredients to ensure that your horse is able to meet the increased demands of high intensity exercise.

Concentration can be difficult to maintain when faced with exciting or new situations. Magnesium and B vitamins can help to maintain your horse's focus in such situations by supporting normal nerve function and rational responses.

Skin and hoof condition:
B vitamins are essential for skin, hair and hoof health. Scurfy skin, a dull coat, poor hoof quality and slow hoof growth are all signs that an addition dietary source may be helpful. B vitamins combined with essential amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids found in Linseed provide the nutrients needed for healthy, supple skin, a shiny coat and strong resilient feet.

Digestive support:
During times of excitement or competition the digestive tract can become unbalanced and nutrient utilisation compromised. Bio-Mos is a prebiotic that helps to feed the beneficial bacteria within the horse’s digestive tract whilst reducing the levels of harmful bacteria. Yea-Sacc1026 is a live yeast culture probiotic that increases fibre and protein digestion and stabilises the gut. A combination of Bio-Mos and Yea-Sacc1026 help to maintain your horse’s digestive health and ensure efficient utilisation of dietary resources. Both of these ingredients are included at the recommended 10g each per day.

Joint Support:
Glucosamine HCl and Chondroitin sulphate are used by the body to maintain articular cartilage and joint function, whilst Hyaluronic acid works within the joint capsule to stabilise the joint and aid in shock absorption. Providing a dietary source of Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin sulphate and Hyaluronic acid helps to support the horse’s natural shock absorbing system and allow supple and fluid movement. MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) works alongside these nutrients supplying Sulphur optimises articular cartilage strength and normal cell function. In addition Performance – Stamina and Endurance contains Glycine, Glucuronic acid, Proline and Glutamic acid that are components of Glucosamine, and Manganese ascorbate that aids in the formation of cartilage and connective tissue. Glucosamine HCl, MSM and Chondroitin are included at the recommended daily levels.

Immune support:
Selenium (a trace mineral) and vitamin E act as antioxidants at cellular level, playing important roles in optimising cell health. The support both of these nutrients offer to the immune system is important for horses in hard, fast work and those competing regularly as they are likely to be at increased risk of developing illness due to being frequently exposed to difficult situations and new environments.

Electrolytes are important body salts that are lost via sweat with the rate of loss being greatest in hot weather and when horses are working hard. A balanced supply of electrolytes (Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Calcium gluconate, Magnesium chloride) are provided to help replace such loses and ensure your horse continues performing to its maximum potential.

Feed Performance – Stamina & Endurance:
- To all horses in hard or fast work
- To provide sustained energy and high quality protein
- As an electrolyte source for those with high work demands
- To provide premium joint support
- To support optimum digestive, skin and immune health
- As a high quality all-in-one supplement

More Information

Brand Feedmark
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules YES
Condition new
Instructions for use Weight of Horse/Pony- Approx. Height - Amount per day
Up to 250kg/550lb - Under 12hh - 1 1/3 scoops
250kg/550lb - 400kg/880lb - 12 - 14hh - 2 scoops
400kg/880lb - 600kg/1320lb - 14 - 16hh - 3 ½ scoops
Over 600kg/1320lb - Over 16hh - 4 ¾ scoops

1 level (150ml) scoop of Performance - Stamina & Endurance weighs approximately 91g/3.2oz.
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 3 ½ scoops (approx 320g)
How long will it last (days)? 10kg - 31 days
20kg - 62 days
Approx cost per day £1.71 - £2.02
Ingredients Label Rice bran Micronised linseed Full fat soya Calcium carbonate Sodium chloride (9.9%) Glucosamine hydrochloride (vegetarian) (4.1%) MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) (3.3%) Bio-Mos Magnesium oxide Potassium chloride (2.3%) Joint mixture (providing Hyaluronic acid 0.017%) Dextrose Maize meal Chondroitin sulphate (0.3%) Calcium gluconate (0.2%) Magnesium chloride (0.13%) NUTRITIONAL ADDITIVES (per kg): B Vitamin Complex 26.4g (Vitamin K3 (Menadione) 26.4mg; Vitamin B1 (Thiamine hydrochloride) 132mg; Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 79.2mg; Vitamin B6 (3a831 Pyridoxine hydrochloride) 79.2mg; Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 0.88mg; Biotin 1.51mg; Nicotinic acid 176 mg; Folic acid 52.8mg; Pantothenic acid 79.2mg; Choline chloride 2640mg); BHT antioxidant (E321 Butylated hydroxyluene) 0.004mg; Vitamin E (3a700 DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate) 3,715iu; Selenium (E8 Sodium selenite) 5.5mg. ZOOTECHNICAL ADDITIVES (per kg): Yea-Sacc 1026 live yeast (4a1704 Saccharomyces carevisiae CBS 493.94) 8,250,000,000cfu.


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Feedmark Performance - Stamina & Endurance

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