Cavalor Calm (Equine)

Cavalor Calm is used to enrich the normal feed ration to reduce stressful situations due to transport, commotion before and during events (loss of concentration) and other unusual situations (irritating noises, lights, disturbances). 

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Too many competitive horses do not perform to their full potential due to stress. CAVALOR CALM can be the answer. Cavalor Calm aids in the prevention of symptoms associated with stress.

Cavalor Calm contains: - Herb mixture: A synergic herb mixture was created for Cavalor Calm in order to sooth the horses’s nerves without impairing memory or motor skills. - Vitamins B1, B6, B12: In certain proportions, these vitamins give a calming effect. - Tryptophane: This amino acid, can decrease stress when given in the right proportions. - Magnesium: relaxes the muscles Horses that perform well during training can lose their ability to concentrate owing to the stress of transport, the commotion and distraction of a different environment and the enervating events at competitions. As a result, they respond less attentively and sometimes do unexpected things. Stress caused by fear of the unknown also occurs in young or inexperienced horses during training, and they can react violently. Stress not only affects the horse's performance, but its condition, too. Avoiding stress is therefore very important. Apart from calming by the rider and/or groom and gaining sufficient experience, Cavalor Calm may help to support those horses that need it. CAVALOR CALM is a nutritional supplement based on herbs, having an anti-stress action but not making the horse unresponsive. CAVALOR CALM doesn't contain prohibited substances and has no negative effects on the liver and kidneys. Cavalor Calm can be used with good results in: - horses that are "spooky" in competition; - horses that are too temperamental during training; - horses that are susceptible to stress; - stallions used as sport horses Cavalor Calm is especially composed for horses that only exhibit "spooky" behavior at competitions and to a lesser extent for chronically nervous horses. Can I give Cavalor Calm to my horse continuously? As with any calming supplement, when Cavalor Calm is used for a prolonged period of time, the horse may get habituated to the active ingredients in Cavalor Calm, which may reduce the effectiveness. In order to prevent a high degree of habituation we recommend a monthly 10-day non-administration period. Why can't I give Cavalor Calm continuously to my horse? When Cavalor Calm is used during a prolonged period, the horse may get habituated to the active ingredients it contains. This may result in a reduced efficacy. To prevent a high degree of habituation we recommend a monthly 10 days non-administration period. What is the difference between Cavalor Calm, Cavalor SoZen & Cavalor Take It Easy? Cavalor Calm is developed for the "spooky" horse. These horses tend to be more easily scared. Studies in the field demonstrated that Cavalor Calm also has a positive result on the behavior of nervous stallions. While Cavalor Calm can be given for a prolonged period, we advise a 10-day non-supplementing period every month. Cavalor Take It Easy gives your horse a relatively high dose of tryptophane that will give quick results. Cavalor Take It Easy is a paste, given with a syringe the day of the stressful situation.
More Information
Manufacturer Cavalor
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules YES
My Horse Is... Competing, Excitable
Instructions for use An initial serving of 3 measuring scoops per day (45 g/ 1.59 oz) is recommended, 2 to 3 days prior to a stressful situation. Can also be administered longer term, with a maximum of 4 weeks. Then gradually reduce.

Every horse reacts differently an serving varies on a case by case basis.
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 45g initially then gradually cut back
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average 500kg horse) (Grams) 45
How long will it last (days)? Fed at 45g/day, the 800g tub will last for 17 days and the 2kg tub will last for 44 days.
Ingredients Label Herb mixture, Vitamins B1, B6, B12, Tryptophane, Magnesium
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