Cavalor Colostra 24 100g (Equine)

Colostrum is of vital importance for newborn foals.

CAVALOR Colostra 24 is given to newborn foals as a replacement or supplement of colostral milk from the mare (orphan foals or foals of mares with little or no colostrum of poor quality). Cavalor Colostra 24 is freeze-dried colostrum which is given to the foal immediately after birth. The use of Cavalor Colostra 24 increases the content of immunoglobulins in the blood. This makes the foal better able to combat pathogens during the first week of life, when it develops its own immune system. The danger of an immunity gap will be smaller, which helps protect the foal against infection and disease.
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Manufacturer Cavalor
Presentation Powder
My Horse Is... Developing, Newborn, Pregnant
Instructions for use Per animal per day
a) To supplement the mare’s shortage of colostral milk: administer 100 grams of colostrum powder within 24 hours after birth to the foal.
b) To replace the total lack of colostrum: administer 100 grams of Cavalor Colostra 24 within 6 hours after birth and repeat this administration after 12-16 hours.

Put 100 grams Cavalor Colostra 24 into 1 to 1,5 litres of milk replacer or water. Stir well until the powder is completely dissolved. Serve at a temperature of 36-37°C.
How long will it last (days)? 100g tub = 1 serving
Approx cost per day £38.40
Ingredients Label Cavalor Colostra 24 contains natural substances (freeze-dried colostrums), which are essential for healthy growth in the foal. Cavalor Colostra 24 is IBR-negative and safe for use with all foals and contains at least 30% of immunoglobulins.
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