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What should I be worming for? When should I worm? Can I use the same treatment for all my horses?

worming your horse

If you've come to this page, the chances are you are confused about worming and have a few questions about the tricky business of worming! Every horse will have a small population of parasitic worms in its body. But don't worry, the chances are they will cause the horse no ill effects whatsoever. In fact, a small worm burden can act as an excellent booster to a horse’s immune system and its ability to fight infection. The problem comes if your horse develops heavy worm burdens which, if left untreated, can prove fatal.

Domestication and the subsequent management of horses has increased the likelihood of heavy worm burdens developing. This means it is vital that you, do all you can to keep your equine friends parasite free. Equine parasite control can be very confusing. If you are unsure of which parasite you need to treat for, we have put together some vital information to help you understand the goings on in your horse’s gut - and how best to keep it under control!

NEED HELP formulating a worming plan, contact our in-house SQP, Hannah who would be more than happy to help you. 

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