Supplement Solutions Annual Strategic Worming Programme

Confused about worming? Looking for an easy, effective solution? We have the answer...

"Gone are the days where all horses are wormed with the same drug at the same time. My strategic plan includes tests before treatments at the right time of the year to ensure that your horse doesn't receive unnecessary wormers." Hannah Wild.

Take the hassle out of worming with our Annual Strategic Worming Programme! For one all-inclusive price, our programme provides all wormers and worming tests required to keep your horse worm free all year - all you have to do is use them when they are delivered to your door!

Last year, we made the programme even more specialised by offering two separate options:

The Annual Strategic Worming Programme uses EquiSal Saliva Tapeworm tests to avoid treating for tapeworm when it is not required


For those who prefer not to use the EquiSal Saliva Tapeworm Tests, we now offer an Annual Strategic Worming Programme (without Tapeworm Testing). This programme worms for tapeworm twice a year without using a test.

Both programmes include:

  • 1 x Encysted Small Redworm Treatments
  • 2-3 Westgate Labs Worm Count Kits (Faecal Egg Counts)
  • Any wormers required following the tests

And it's not just about the wormers...when you join the programme you will also receive a welcome pack containing:

  • Your horse’s worming record card for the year
  • Equilibrium Products Simply Irresistible samples
  • A Supplement Solutions gift
  • Weigh tape to monitor your horse’s approximate weight
  • Free Protexin Quick Fix syringe
  • The opportunity to take advantage of the FREE POSTAGE included in the price of the programme by adding any additional items to your worming delivery.

Add more horses to the programme and the price decreases per horse*!

Yard prices are available, please contact us at for more details and a plan tailored to your yard.

Prices start at £78.20 per horse per year, although the programme has an RRP of over £130!

* Terms and conditions apply. All wormers and tests must be sent to the same address. All tests must be completed and sent at the same time.