Equilibrium Products Magnetic Hind & Hock Chaps (Equine)

Designed to allow Vitaflex® magnets to be placed directly on the hock joint. Suitable for all horses and ponies to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain healthy tendons.

  • Includes 4 movable VITAflex® magnets to place where your horse needs them.
  • Use overnight as part of your horses’ daily routine for maintaining leg health.
  • Ideal for ridden horses, veterans, on box rest/standing in for long periods of time.
  • Use as an alternative to stable bandages to keep the legs warm and maintain circulation.
  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Supplied in pairs.

Do not apply Vitaflex® magnets on open wounds, bruises, areas of inflammation or for the first 5 days following steroid injections.

Find Magnetic Chaps for front legs here. Additional magnets are available here.

From £89.95

Take a closer look at the Magnetic Hock Boots for horses.

The unique design of the Magnetic Hock Boots not only allows you to put magnets anywhere from the coronet band up to and including the hock joint, but also ensures that your horse can comfortably wear them overnight without fear of them slipping down the leg.

The ergonomic shape combined with the soft inner lining ensure a comfortable fit for your horse. This is extremely important as the boots are designed to be left on overnight and/or for substantial periods of time.

Four Vitaflex® Magnets are supplied with each pair of boots. They are reasonably thin and flat, yet extremely flexible. This allows them to mould to the horses’ legs, should they need to be placed over a joint. Supplied in a small pouch, they can be placed anywhere within the magnetic boot lining with the simple hook and loop attachment. This allows you to target the magnets exactly where your horse needs them.

Why use Magnetic Hock Boots?

Magnets have been used on both horses and humans for many, many years. Magnetic fields have been seen to sustain good blood flow and can therefore help to optimise leg health. Supporting leg health benefits joint mobility and function, and also helps to maintain strong tendons.

When should Magnetic Hock Boots be used for horses?

  • Every day as part of your horses’ daily routine for maintaining leg health. Usually overnight or in the day when stood in.
  • For horses in work from hacking to competition. This includes horses returning to work or retraining.
  • For older horses or those who are slow to warm up.
  • Horses on box rest, standing in for long periods of time or on limited turnout.
  • General knocks and bumps.

Why does Equilibrium Products use Vitaflex® magnets and how do they work?

The body’s cells have electromagnetic properties which means they can be energised by a magnetic field. Vitaflex® magnets present two alternating poles to the body, negative and positive, making them different to standard Neodymium magnets, which present only one pole. These strong, circular and permanent magnetic fields of alternating pole sequences penetrate into the body tissue.


Can I start using the magnetic products on my horse straight away?

Yes. Your horse is unlikely to have any adverse reactions to wearing magnets. As with all new products, you may like to try the products on your horse for a short time initially while you’re nearby to check for fit.

When should I not use magnetic products on my horse?

Do not apply Vitaflex® magnets on open wounds, bruises, infection, areas of inflammations or for the first 5 days following steroid injections.

It is not advisable to use magnets on a horse with a heart murmur or in the first trimester of pregnancy for you or your horse! Note: People with heart pacemakers should not carry magnetic products.

What are the benefits of the Magnetic Chaps?

The Magnetic Chaps can be worn to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain healthy tendons. Magnets can help maintain blood circulation for a horse stood at rest.

How long will the magnets last?

The magnets will not become less efficient over time.

Can I wash the magnets?

The magnets themselves CANNOT be washed. The Magnetic Chaps can be washed on a cool wash with a non-biological detergent. The magnets should be removed from the protective pockets prior to washing to avoid accidental damage to the washing machine and the magnets.

How should the products be stored when not in use?

Store in a dry place away from extreme temperatures. For example, avoid storing the magnets in a very cold place such as a tack room during winter, as the magnets may lose their flexibility.

Can the Magnetic Chaps be worn for turnout?

The Magnetic Chaps should only be worn in the stable and not worn for turnout as the Chaps are not designed for outdoor use. Magnets work best when the horse is at rest.

Can I use Magnetic Chaps when my horse has mud fever?

We advise waiting until your horses’ mud fever has cleared up before using Magnetic Chaps. This is because magnets should not be used on open wounds or if there is any risk of infection.

Can I put the Magnetic Chaps on wet legs?

For comfort reasons, we would recommend towel drying horses’ legs thoroughly before putting the Magnetic Chaps on.

Can I purchase replacement magnets?

Yes, replacement magnets can be purchased here.

Size Guide

Small (Pony 13.3hh-14.2hh): Cannon bone width 20-22cm, Length of boot 53cm

Medium (Large Pony/Horse 14.2hh-16hh): Cannon bone width 22-24cm, Length of boot 57cm

Large (Horse 16hh-16.3hh): Cannon bone width 24-26cm, Length of boot 59cm

Extra Large (Large Horse 16.3hh+): Cannon bone width 26-28cm, Length of boot 60cm

Size Guide - Magnetic Hind & Hock Chaps

More Information
Manufacturer Equilibrium Products
Suitable for use during pregnancy? NO
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules YES
Suitable for Donkeys Yes
My Horse Has... Filled Legs, Stiffness
Instructions for use Apply around the horses hind legs when they are stabled.
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