Equilibrium Massage Mitt (Equine)

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Get directly to those hardworking muscles that need a pamper with this lightweight, hand-held, and portable horse massage mitt.

  • Based on the Massage Pad technology, which is proven to increase relaxation and flexibility.
  • Battery operated, so you can take it wherever you go!
  • 3 intensity settings which you can tailor to your horse’s needs.
  • 2-year guarantee.

Contains 1 x Equilibrium Massage Mitt, 1 x Storage Bag, 1 x Equilibrium Battery, 1 x Equilibrium Charger.


What inspired the horse Massage Mitt?
As an extension of the Equilibrium Massage range, the Mitt was brought in to extend the positive effect the Massage Pad was having on horses across the world. While the Massage Pad effectively targets the back, the Massage Mitt can target any muscle you want to!

Using the equine Massage Mitt:
The Massage Mitt has three different settings, which can be selected easily from the mitt control panel. You can select the intensity of the program to suit your horses’ needs. Each program has three different types of massage: pulsing, vibration, and stroking. This ensures the muscles are worked in different ways. Each session lasts 10 minutes which allows enough time for full coverage over the horses’ muscle groups.

The Massage Mitt can be easily incorporated into your warming up and cooling down routine.

  • The low setting can then be used as part of a gentle cool down.
  • The medium setting can be used to help warm muscles up prior to exercise or on a day off.
  • The high setting can be used for those horses that prefer a more intense massage.

It comes in a handy carry bag which makes it ideal for use at home, away or in the lorry. It is wipe clean, making it easy to care for. The bag also has useful storage spots for the battery and charger.

How can Massage benefit horses?
As found with the Equilibrium Massage Pad, there are several benefits of massage. Massage is well known for its ‘feel good’ factor and the Massage Mitt has been shown to aid relaxation and assist with the maintenance of healthy muscle and muscle function. Tension is often one of the most common reasons for poor performance. By increasing relaxation and improving back flexibility, the negative effects of tension can be reduced. A relaxed horse, with relaxed muscles, will move with fluidity and suppleness which is particularly important for competition horses performing dressage movements, and those jumping technical fences.

Who is the Massage Mitt for?
All horses and ponies could certainly benefit from the Massage Mitt, including those:

  • At rest/retirement
  • In work from hacking to competition. This includes horses returning to work or retraining.
  • For older horses
  • Horses on box rest, standing in for long periods of time or on limited turnout.

How do I care for the Massage Mitt?
The Massage Mitt just needs a gentle wipe down with a damp, clean cloth if the material gets scurfy.

For Battery and Charger care, please see their safety instructions included in the packaging.

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More Information
Brand Equilibrium
Applicator/ Dispenser No Applicator included
Size One Size
Pregnancy Recommendation See warnings
My Horse Has... An Event, Stiffness
Warnings There is no evidence that there are any contraindications for using the Therapy Massage in pregnant mares however we suggest you consult your vet before using the Therapy Massage and be guided by the reaction from your mare to the Therapy Massage.
Instructions for use Use on muscle groups in the neck, quarters and hamstrings for the 10 minute session.
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