Equus Health Brewers Yeast 3kg (Equine)

Known as Natures Wonder Food. Fed as a daily supplement Brewers Yeast helps to improve overall health, condition and general well being. The main benefits are down to its rich source of B Vitamins including B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), B5 (Pantothenic acid), B6 (Pyrodoxine), B9 (Folic Acid) and B7 (Biotin). It does not contain B12. Areas of benefit include the following: digestion, stress / nervousness, sweet itch / skin conditions, healthy hooves, growing and performance horses, energy levels, laminitis / cushings, breeding / lactating mares.
Digestion: Brewers Yeast improves population of fiber digesting bacteria. Helps with constipation by ading the digestion of the fibre, scouring and digestive imbalance, can relieve gastric ulcer, can help with weight gain in underweight horses. Stress / Nervousness: If horse is deficient in B1 (Thiamine) used for metabolism of carbohydrate and fat it can become stressed & nervous, often Thiamine is used in calming supplements. Sweet Itch / Skin Conditions: Feeding Brewers Yeast seems to defer the biting midge in many horses therefore reducing and in many cases eliminating itching. Healthy Hooves: Brewers Yeast contains Biotin, Methionine, Zinc & Copper which are all needed for healthy, strong hoof growth and repair. Growing & Performance Horses: Several studies have shown young horses fed a yeast culture were 5kg heavier and had a 10% faster growth rate than those not over a 6 month period, which may be the result of improved feed digestibility.
More Information
Manufacturer Equus Health
Presentation Granules
Suitable for use during pregnancy? YES
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules YES
Suitable for Donkeys Yes
Condition new
My Horse Is... A Donkey, Windy
Instructions for use Feed 10-20g per day to ponies
Feed 15-30g per day to horses

There is no scoop included in the bag so use a teaspoon or another measuring scoop.
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 20-30g
How long will it last (days)? Fed at 30g per day it will last 100 days
Approx cost per day 18p
Ingredients Label Brewer's yeast
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