Keratex Zeolite 900g (Equine)

A Breakthrough in Supplementary Feeding. New from the experts at Keratex, Zeolite is a revolution in the way we supplement our horse's feed. Zeolite from Keratex is completely new to the equine market, it acts as a 100% natural detox, internally cleansing the horse's digestive system whilst trapping the maximum amount of nutrients available in normal feeds and supplements for the benefit of the horse.
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For hundreds of years, this naturally occurring volcanic clay mineral ash called Zeolite™ has been described as nature’s best detox. Often regarded as an internal cleansing supplement, Zeolite™ has been used by different civilisations through the centuries to mop-up impurities in the body and maintain well-being whilst trapping unwanted toxins in its molecular filter system and expelling them harmlessly. Zeolite™ is now available for your horse, exclusively from the experts at Keratex, in a powdered form with a handy scoop. Mix straight into your horse’s daily feed to increase the absorption of nutrients from everyday feeds and supplements and rid the horse’s body of unwanted toxins. Keratex Zeolite™ is so unique that it works in many ways for general maintenance of equine health, vitality and digestion. Benefits of Keratex Zeolite™: • A natural detox that internally cleanses your horse and expels toxins harmlessly • Increases the absorption of nutrients from everyday feeds and supplements • Assists the conversion of feeds and supplements within the horse’s body • Helps address problems caused by the toxins found in lush grass • Mops-up heavy metals and foreign toxins • Has been noted to improve coat quality and depth of colour • Supports the general well-being of the horse How does it work? Zeolite is Mother Earth’s detox and when added to feed, it works by cleansing the horse from within. The Zeolite™ molecules are ‘sieve-like cages’, sifting through the nutrients and toxins inside the body. It filters nutrients and releases them slowly, allowing the horse to receive the maximum amount of benefit from the nutrients in a feed or supplement. At the same time the Zeolite™ ‘sieve-like cages’ capture heavier unwanted metals and environmental pollutants that can be found in soil and water, and when the horse urinates or defecates the Zeolite is passed out of the body taking the toxins with it. The Zeolite™ process therefore slows down the passage of nutrients entering the horse’s body, capturing vitamins, minerals and trace elements before gradually releasing them for distribution around the body. This allows the nutrients to be used more effectively and your horse will get much more out of the feeds and supplements you give them in terms of nutrition. Zeolite™ will not make horses being fed competition or energy mixes more fizzy because it works only by capturing vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Zeolite™ from Keratex is a fantastic, natural detox and supports general health and well-being. Keratex Zeolite: • Contains no substances prohibited by the Jockey Club or the FEI • Contains 100% natural and pure Zeolite (the particular type in Keratex Zeolite™ is called Clinoptilolite and is the purest form of Zeolite™ available). • Currently produced from within the UK from ethically sourced origins. • 100% naturally occurring volcanic clay mineral ash in powder form. • Used for hundreds of years by humans to filter and trap nutrients and impurities. You can use Keratex Zeolite™ for life: For as long as you feed Keratex Zeolite™, you will be cleansing your horse’s digestive system and making the most of your horse’s health and vitality. Keratex Zeolite™ is a detox system for your horse that you can maintain for life.
More Information
Manufacturer Keratex
Size 900g
Presentation Powder
Suitable for use during pregnancy? YES
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules YES
My Horse Is... Pregnant
Best Sellers Best Sellers
Instructions for use One scoop per day in feed for general maintenance.
Two scoops per day for grass-related problems, injured or rescued horses.

10g scoop enclosed
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 10g scoop per day
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average 500kg horse) (Grams) 10
How long will it last (days)? At 1 scoop: 3 months
At 2 scoops: 1.5 months
Approx cost per day 16p (at 1 scoop)
Ingredients Label 100% Volcanic clay mineral ash called Zeolite (Clinoptilolite)
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