TRM Hoofmaker Original 60 x 20g Sachets (Equine)

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Hoofmaker Powder Sachets contains all the supplemental nutrients required to develop and maintain a healthy and supple hoof in a convenient daily sachet serving. It contains high levels of Biotin (37.5mg per sachet) and bioavailable sulphur, which are essential for the durability and integrity of Keratin Sulphate that provides the structural matrix to the hoof.
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It contains high levels of Biotin (37.5mg per sachet) and bioavailable sulphur, which are essential for the durability and integrity of Keratin Sulphate that provides the structural matrix to the hoof. It also contains high levels of Zinc, which is a component of many metalloenzymes involved in protein metabolism, and is important for healing of all epidermal tissue. It is a rich source of amino acids, which are the building blocks for protein, as well as Calcium, essential for cohesion of the hoof wall. Itʼs pelleted presentation is ideal for picky eaters, and is convenient for feeding in big yards with just a single sachet.

How does Hoofmaker work?
  • Zinc: The major function of Zinc in the body is to act as a component of many metalloenzymes involved in protein and carbohydrate metabolism. Zinc compounds are the oldest form of therapy for connective tissue disorders. Zinc is essential for DNA and protein synthesis, and is paramount for the healing of damaged epithelial cells. As keratin is largely a proteinaceous material, zinc is an essential ingredient in Hoofmaker for the proper healing of hoof horn tissue. In healthy animals, zinc deficiency is related to depressed utilisation of amino acids and sulphur. Therefore, Hoofmaker contains a concentrated source (600mg of elemental zinc per 20g sachet) of this essential trace element to promote optimal growth and healing in the hoof horn.
  • Biotin: Biotin is a member of the B vitamin family yet historically, biotin was referred to as vitamin H. Biotin is a sulphur containing vitamin. Green pasture is the best source of dietary biotin. Horses’ also get a supply of biotin and other B vitamins as a by-product of bacterial activity in the hindgut. However, modern husbandry of the performance horse, necessitates large periods of time with little or no access to good quality pasture. Horses in training fed a high grain / low forage diet can often suffer a B vitamin deficit due to the fact that rapid starch digestion will reduce the natural pH in the caecum. This net result being the depletion of the B vitamin-producing bacteria in the hindgut. Therefore, all stabled horses in training are potentially at risk of a biotin deficiency. Horses at risk of a biotin deficiency: - Lack of biotin in the diet. - Loss of microbial gut activity, from antibiotic therapy or altered gut motility. - Pregnant and lactating mares, or aged geriatric horses. - Inherited diseases of biotin metabolism. Hoofmaker is a complete hoof supplement which will supply all of the nutrients to care for every layer in the hoof horn. Hoofmaker is the optimum supplement to use in cases of chronic foot problems.
  • Calcium: Hoofmaker contains calcium and a high level of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Hoofmaker contains 7,500mg of calcium carbonate, the level recommended by Professor Kempsom at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Amino Acids: Hoofmaker contains a full array of dispensable and non-dispensable amino acids. These nutrients are the building blocks of protein. Their inclusion in Hoofmaker is very important for complete healing and improved integrity of keratin sulphate – the main protein in the hoof horn.
More Information
Brand TRM
Applicator/ Dispenser Sachets
Size 60 x 20g Sachets
Best Sellers Best Sellers
Prohibited Substances MSM is a banned substance under BHA rules.
My Product Must Be... WARNING: Contains Prohibited Substances, Safe for Lactation, Safe for Pregnancy
My Horse Is... Weak Hooved
Ingredients Label Biotin (37.5mg per 20g / 1,875mg per 1kg) Calcium Carbonate (7,500mg per 20g / 375,000mg per 1kg) Methylsulfonylmethane (2,500mg per 20g / 125,000mg per 1kg) Methionine (2,500mg per 20g / 125,000mg per 1kg) Zinc Oxide (750mg per 20g / 37,500mg per 1kg) Glycine (510mg per 20g / 25,500mg per 1kg) Proline (360mg per 20g / 18,000mg per 1kg) Hydroxyproline (282mg per 20g / 14,100mg per 1kg) Glutamic Acid (228mg per 20g / 11,400mg per 1kg) Alanine (174mg per 20g / 8,700mg per 1kg) Arginine (162mg per 20g / 8,100mg per 1kg) Aspartic Acid (132mg per 20g / 6,600mg per 1kg) Lysine (82mg per 20g / 4,100mg per 1kg) Leucine (64mg per 20g / 3,200mg per 1kg) Valine (50mg per 20g / 2,500mg per 1kg) Phenylalanine (44mg per 20g / 2200mg per 1kg) Threonine (38mg per 20g / 1900mg per 1kg) Isoleucine (28mg per 20g / 1400mg per 1kg) Histidine (16mg per 20g / 800mg per 1kg) Tyrosine (10mg per 20g / 500mg per 1kg) Serine (8mg per 20g / 400mg per 1kg) Cystine (2mg per 20g / 100mg per 1kg) Cysteine (2mg per 20g / 100mg per 1kg)
Key Ingredients Amino Acids, Biotin, DL-Methionine, MSM, Zinc
MSM mg/kg or mg/litre 125,000mg/1kg
Instructions for use Adult horses: Feed 20g per day
Ponies and foals: Feed 20g every second day
For best results it is recommended to feed HOOFMAKER for 180 days. New improved hoof growth will be evident near the coronary band after just one month.
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 20g per day
How long will it last (days)? 60 days for an adult horse, 120 days for ponies and foals
Approx cost per day £0.87 per day for an adult horse, £0.43 per day for ponies and foals
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