PureFlax Flax Seed Oil for Horses (Equine)

At Pureflax, our passion is providing products to maintain the health and wellbeing of animals. PureFlax is a 100% natural cold pressed British product, with an incredibly high Omega 3 content of 53% which is a superb natural joint supplement and is excellent for producing a natural coat shine.
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Your horse’s diet changes over the years, which can mean the Omega-3 and Omega-6 (which horses can’t make in their own bodies) needed by your horse is not always present and as balanced as it should be. Any imbalance in these Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) can affect a horses temperament, so adding PureFlax as a supplement in their diet all year round (cereal based diets tend to be high in Omega-6 but low in Omega-3) helps ensure this perfect balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6. PureFlax Flax Seed Oil for horses helps horses and ponies maintain strong hooves, glossy coats and better all-round condition. It is a great source of Natural Omega 3, and an important aid to digestion and it is also believed to help performance horse's development. PureFlax Flax Seed Oil for horses contains:
  • Omega-3 essential fatty acids (including Alpha-linolenic acid)
  • Omega-6 essential fatty acids
  • Omega-9 essential fatty acids
Benefits of PureFlax Oil for horses:
  • Helps hard-working horses who need mobility and joint support
  • Supports healthy tissues, the immune system and improves the efficiency with which horses turn their food into energy
  • Performance and sporting horses benefit from help with muscle recovery
  • Horses can become less moody or excitable and easier to train
  • Ideal for horses and ponies who need to maintain their general condition and health
  • Aids broodmares with regular fertility cycles and health of the foal prone to infections
  • Research indicates breeding stallions supplemented with Omega-3 showed increased sperm concentration
  • Nourish the coat, bones and hooves of horses of any age and helps maintain a healthy heart
Why use PureFlax over other Oils? Other vegetable oils available may be cheaper, but many are heat-treated or have chemicals added (either in the growing or in production) therefore they will not deliver the same benefits as PureFlax. As a vegetable based oil, cold pressed PureFlax Flax Seed Oil is a slow-release energy source which is - unlike some other oils - easy for horses to digest and is a good source of Omega-6 Flax Seed Oil and one of the few vegetable sources that contains Omega-3. Some blended oils are subjected to a heat extraction process with destroys most of the goodness leaving you feeding extra calories - but few other benefits - to your horse.
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Manufacturer PureFlax
Testimonial "We decided to put TUBBER REBEL an event horse short listed to represent Sweden at the London Olympics on PureFlax Oil. It is a quality British product and high in Omega-3 which is so beneficial to horses especially those with high demands. We believe by feeding TUBBER REBEL the PureFlax Oil we are doing our part to help him feel, look and perform at his best. Normally by now he may be starting to drop the weight especially as he is galloping on a regular basis and realising he is working towards big things! But we have definitely noticed he is maintaining condition, so all good so far with us."- Dag Albert, Swedish Eventer.

"I would not hesitate to recommend PureFlax, in fact I have already recommended it to a major racehorse feed company. The quality of PureFlax is the most important thing, I have tried other oils but nothing compares for quality or being prepared properly by cold pressing. PureFlax supports major organ functions and promotes general health and wellbeing and the horses really like it!" - Ann Duffield, Racehorse trainer
Suitable for use during pregnancy? YES
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules YES
Condition new
Instructions for use Ponies in light work: 25-50ml added to the feed daily
Horses in light work: 50-75ml added to the feed daily

Ponies in hard work or if being used to improve condition: 50-100ml added to the feed daily
Horses in hard work or if being used to improve condition: 100-200ml added to the feed daily
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 50ml per day
How long will it last (days)? Fed at 50ml per day, a 1 litre bottle will last 20 days and a 5 litre bottle will last 100 days.
Approx cost per day 22p
Ingredients Label 100% natural pure cold pressed flax oil
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