Barrier Scaly Leg Spray 500ml (Poultry)

Scaly Leg Spray is a wonderful deterrent against scaly leg mite for birds and poultry including chickens, turkeys, game and cage birds.

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Scaly Leg Mite is recommend to be used as a deterrent as well as to treat an existing problem. Scaly Leg Mite affects birds of all ages, although older birds and feathered leg breeds tend to be more susceptible. Affected birds should be isolated and all housing cleared and thoroughly cleaned.

Prevention: Scaly Prevention is always the best option. Check for the telltale signs of crusty, white deposits on enlarged, rough and lumpy legs where the scales have become raised. Living entirely on the bird Scaly Leg Mite cause pain and intense irritation for the bird as they burrow under the scales and into the skin of the legs and sometimes the comb and wattles. In severe cases of infestation the birds find it difficult to walk, may lose a toe and become severely deformed.

Identification: Caused by Cnemidocoptes mutans and evident as tiny white spherical creatures with a diameter of less than 0.5mm Scaly Leg Mite is difficult to spot in the early stages. For this reason we recommend you use Scaly Leg Spray as a deterrent as well as to treat an existing problem.

More Information
Brand Barrier
Presentation Liquid
Applicator/ Dispenser Spray
Size 500ml Spray
Ingredients Label This product falls into the exempt category of products which use only plant oils as active ingredients
Instructions for use SHAKE WELL. Spray the legs generously from the hocks down. Scaly leg mite can also attack the comb and wattles. For small birds - Apply 1-2 trigger pulls of product per leg. For average sized birds - Apply 5 trigger pulls of product per leg. For large birds - Apply 10 trigger pulls of product per leg.
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