LexveT B1 Cool Mix/ VitaStance B1 Cool Mix (Equine)

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LexveT B1 Cool Mix is the supplement recommended for nervous or excitable horses. A complete supplement in its own right; as well as sharing the main ingredients of its stable mate LexveT Mineral Mix, you may find yourself pondering the difference between the two products? Containing extra Magnesium and Vitamin B1, two nutritional elements that assist in the normal nervous system function of horses.

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LexveT B1 Cool Mix offers an optimal blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes for the excitable or nervous horse.

Containing only straight forward vitamins and minerals, this product is safe and legal to use in competition. This product will not dull your horse's alertness or make them drowsy. It is important to note that this product is not intended to be replacement for good horsemanship and should never be treated as such, rather it can be used as an aid to assist in establishing good riding techniques and habits. We do recommend that this product is fed as part of a daily feeding program to ensure that your horse is receiving the recommended dosage on any given day. This is in contrast to LexveT Mineral Mix that can be fed as a loose lick and self served. LexveT supplements contain macro minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and salts. The products are designed to supplement your horse with vitamins and minerals that could be lacking or imbalanced in their diet. They are not intended to provide horses with energy, protein or roughage. There is no need to feed both Mineral Mix and B1 Cool Mix at the same time, however some owners do swap from one to the other as needed. - LexveT Mineral Mix is suitable for all horses including broodmares, weanlings, yearlings, stallions, performance horses, racehorses, pleasure, retired and aged horses. - LexveT B1 Cool Mix is suitable for nervous or excitable horses. It has the same ingredients as LexveT Mineral Mix but has higher ratios of Magnesium and Vitamin B1.

More Information
Manufacturer Lexvet
Presentation Powder
Suitable for use during pregnancy? Yes
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules Yes
My Horse Is... A Racehorse, Competing, Excitable, Lacking Vitamins, Pregnant, Recovering
Instructions for use Recommended feeding amounts:
In Foal: Pony >14hh - 1/2 scoop, Cob 14-15hh - 1 scoop - Horse >15hh 1 1/2 scoops
Lactating: Pony >14hh - 1 scoop, Cob 14-15hh - 1 1/2 scoop - Horse >15hh 2 scoops

Growing Horses (up to 3 years): Pony >14hh - 1 scoop, Cob 14-15hh - 1 1/2 scoop - Horse >15hh 2 scoops

Light Work (retired, pleasure): Pony >14hh - 1/2 scoop, Cob 14-15hh - 3/4 scoop - Horse >15hh 1 scoop

Moderate Work (3-5 days per week): Pony >14hh - 1/2 scoop, Cob 14-15hh - 1 scoop - Horse >15hh 1 1/2 scoops

Hard Work (4-7 days per week): Pony >14hh - 1 scoop, Cob 14-15hh - 1 1/2 scoop - Horse >15hh 2 scoops

Racehorses: 14-15hh - 1 1/2 scoop - Horse >15hh 2 scoops

Scoops per day may be split between 2 feeds. The scoop contains approx 70g and is included in the bag/bucket. LexveT B1 Cool Mix can be introduced at the full amount. Miniatures feed as per a cob and use a teaspoon instead of a scoop.
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 1 scoop (70g)
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average 500kg horse) (Grams) 70
How long will it last (days)? Depending on the size of your horse and the amount of work they are doing:
- 5kg tub of LexveT will last between 1 and 5 months
- 12kg bag of LexveT will last between 2 and 11 months
- 22kg bag of LexveT will last between 5 months and 21 months
Approx cost per day 5kg - 32p-£1.28, 12kg - 17-67p, 22kg - 14-57p
Ingredients Label Calcium - 118g Phosphorus - 74g Magnesium - 82g Sodium - 75g Potassium - 29g Chloride - 118g Zinc - 2020mg Copper - 795mg Iron (ferrous) - 1565mg Manganese - 978mg Cobalt - 7mg Selenium - 8mg Iodine - 4mg Vitamin A - 250,000IU Vitamin E - 1875mg Vitamin B1 - 1225mg Folic Acid - 100mg
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