Team Supplement Solutions' Dressage rider, Holly Colgate Hardaway, has compiled a list of her 10 everyday essentials for all you Dressage divas out there! We'd love to hear if you have anything to add to the list.

Holly's Essentials:

1. I cannot leave my house without my Montar Jodhpurs. They are very stylish and so comfortable with the full seats!

Montar Breeches

2. I cannot bear to ride without my Celeris Passage Boots, I love that they're comfortable and are perfect for the dressage rider. They give you just the right amount of support that you need!

Montar Breeches & Celeris Boots

3. Another must have is a really good pair of leather gloves, I cannot ride without them.

4. Bit butter! I use this every time I ride, it goes on the horse's lips around the creases and I also put it on the bit, it helps to keep the horse's mouth soft.

5. Absorbine SuperShine Hoof Polish in black. This makes your horse's hooves look amazing! I use this every time at competition!

Absorbine Super Shine Hoof Polish

6. Carr & Day & Martin Belvoir Leather Balsam Intensive Conditioner - this is great at getting that super shine on your tack.

7. Maxavita MaxaFlex - I feed this to all my horses, it really works! Since feeding it to my horses they are much looser and free.


8. KM Elite Ultimate Oil, this is great for your horse and since I have been feeding this to Ruby her coat is so soft and shiny as well as being good for her joints, digestive system and helping the horse with this hot weather!

9. Protexin Acid Ease - this is an amazing product, it really helps to calm the horse's stomach, especially when travelling and staying away from home.

10. Matching bandages and numnah! A must for all Dressage riders!


If you have any other items that you couldn't live without, we'd love to hear! Who else has a sneaky suspicion that Holly's favourite colour is pink!