1. Worming for roundworm

    Summer is fast approaching and now’s a great time to map out your horse's worming programme for the rest of the year. You should already have tested and treated for tapeworm earlier in spring. Now it's time to turn our attention to roundworm - rubber gloves at the ready! Let's take a look at 3D Worming's tips for strategic worming...
  2. Worming for tapeworm in horses

    Did you know tapeworm is an important risk factor for colic in horses?* Adult tapeworms cluster around the narrow junction between the small and the large intestine, resulting in blockages and preventing the passage of food. All horses are at risk of tapeworm infection, but younger and older horses, in particular, can require more tapeworm treatments.** One study found 55...
  3. Summer Worm Counts

    Time to worm your horse? Think worm count first... Summer is here and most horses are out to grass and enjoying the Great British sunshine, or lack of it! Whilst horses are out it's a good time to get jobs done ready for Winter and to conduct worm counts to test as part of a strategic worming programme. We've teamed...
  4. ESRW Treatment

    "Hi, I'm Hannah the E-SQP at Supplement Solutions. This means I am qualified to prescribe and supply equine wormers as well as offering advice and worming programmes. Here's some information about Encysted Small Redworm, brought to you in conjunction with Zoetis (makers of Equest and Equest Pramox)." Hannah Wild, 3D Worming E-SQP of the Year. What is Encysted Small Redworm? ...
  5. Correct horse wormers

    We know that worming can be a minefield, so our E-SQP, Hannah, has put together our simple top tips to help you select the best parasite control methods for your horse: Speak to an SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) who will help you choose the correct product. At Supplement Solutions our in house E-SQP, Hannah Wild (awarded Virbac 3D E-SQP of...
  6. Why worm count?

    There is a lot of debate surrounding worming our horses at the moment, with everyone having a different opinion about what is best. The most conflict seems to be around the use of worm counts – a simple test to determine whether or not a horse needs worming. No, they don’t test for all worms, but it’s usually a good place...
  7. Baffled by worming? Katie's here to help!

    You might have heard that our very own E-SQP, Katie, achieved the highest mark in the country for her professional E-SQP exam set by AMTRA. Katie’s score outclassed those of hundreds of other students taking the exams last year. Her success means that she joins the limited number of people in this industry who are able to prescribe medicines outside...

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