We've teamed up with Equistro for a weekly special on their product Flexadin UCII. But what's different about Flexadin UCII compared to the other joint supplements on the market? Read on to find out more...

Flexadin UCII is an innovative approach to joint health management through nutrition. The patented ingredient UCII sets itself apart from other joint management ingredients not only by its nutritional virtue that is based on its privileged and natural interaction with the digestive tract and associated immune tissues resulting in its unique action but also by its recently published clinical study in the horse.

What is Flexadin UCII?  - Flexadin UCII is a new and innovative oral joint health supplement developed by Vetoquinol. - It contains a patented natural type II collagen ingredient by the name of UCII (as opposed to the commonly  used hydrolysed type II collagen), MSM and a readily assimilated chelated manganese trace element.

Why is it different? The 3 unique key ingredients unite to target the many different aspects necessary for an optimal joint function rather than simply having an effect on isolated components only.

Collagen Examples

How does UCII work?  UCII is a naturally biologically active type II collagen that is extracted with a patented process preserving its molecular form and quality. UCII contains specific structural regions which have a natural and privileged reaction with the digestive tract which is closely related to the immune system. The denatured collagen has an immunomodulating ability - this means that the body starts to recognise the molecule as 'self' and regeneration can occur.

Why William Fox-Pitt uses Flexadin UCII: "In Eventing, my horses' joints can be really vulnerable to big impacts and intense effort. I've found feeding them nutritional supplements can be necessary to keep them sound. I personally rely on EQUISTRO and its unique product Flexadin UCII for my horses' joint support. Since I've started my horses on Flexadin UCII, I've noticed a real improvement in their joint mobility and comfort, even after very demanding events like Badminton!"

Flexadin UCII is currently buy 1 get 1 half price on both sizes (600g and 600g twin pack) until 28th April 2016.