Check out our latest products to get your horse competition ready!

If William Fox Pitt's win at Badminton last weekend has left you feeling inspired and ready to compete, scroll down to see our new products and competition essentials that you can't do without!

Lincoln Platinum Pro 5 Mag Calmer

Keep your horse cool and focused with the new Lincoln Platinum range...Pro 5 Mag Calmer from just £5.20. 

Lintbells Yumove Horse Active Joint: A must for competition horses this season! Prices from £59.00

Yumove Active Joint Horse

Brand new Lillidale Cooling Body Wash...perfect after a hard day's work! Just £4.10!

Lillidale Colling Body Wash

Ultimate performance requires an Ultimate Oil by KM Elite...5 litre just £32.99

KM Elite Ultimate Oil

Farnam Electro-Dex to replace lost electrolytes. Prices starting from £20.85

Farnam Electro-Dex

Clear the way for optimum lung function to be fast against the clock...NAF Respirator Boost from £27.95

NAF Respirator Boost

Be showring-ready with brand new Lillidale Hoof Oil...just £5.00

Lillidale Hoof Oil

Don't let pollen scupper your chances...Global Herbs ShakeFree Summer Formula from £43.23

Global Herbs Shake Free Summer Formula

Make sure there is nothing stopping your horse performing at his best...NutriScience GastroCare from £56.95!

NutriScience GastroCare