Here's our latest update from Stacey Nichols and her top tips to prepare for an International show:

'So I have just returned from a fantastic 2* International show at Keysoe. Gigant finished the show on a total high, we finished 8th in the Small Grand Prix out of 85, which included some real big names such as Ben Maher and William Whitaker!

But what does it take to get ready for an international show?

Horses competing at UK international shows up to 2* don't need an FEI passport (if you go abroad or jump 3* and above you need one). They do however need to be FEI registered, as do you as a rider. All horses must be vaccinated every 6 months rather than yearly plus microchipped.

Gigant Keysoe
Gigant at Keysoe

In terms of what you need to pack different from normal stay away shows...probably nothing, however for the trot up horses must wear a bridle with their allocated number on them, so you may wish to pack a separate in hand bridle for this, however it's not essential. There's no dress code for the trot up either and it's really not as daunting as it seems, it's easy peasy! Trot up and trot back! The vets are good and tell you what you need to do. Make sure you take your passport with you to the trot up as they take this from you and you collect it at the end of the show.

Sometimes they do a 'boot check' before you go in the ring and as you come out, make sure you have someone on the ground with you who can take off and put on boots as the stewards like to check nothing 'suspect' is in the boots and that they comply with regulations.

Other than that your good to go! Make sure you follow the shows rules, know the class timetables, declare and check your drawn orders and you are away!'

8th place!

See more pictures of Stacey's time at Keysoe on her Facebook page.