Did you know your horse produces a lot of waste products? Especially during the competition season, due to the demands placed upon him. By supporting his liver and kidneys you can help this breakdown process and allow him to better metabolise these compounds.

A detox treatment works to cleanse the organs that are the driving force behind this whole process and stimulates their function. This way, your horse recovers from a long competition season and you prepare it for the upcoming season.

The importance of a detox

A poorly functioning intestinal tract can cause multiple health issues including colic, ulcers, loose faeces and weight loss. But there are even more subtle symptoms that can be a consequence of a poorly functioning digestive system, such as a dull coat, poor overall condition and reduced performance. Your horse’s intestinal tract plays an important role in the immune system; therefore, poor gut function could make him more susceptible to disease and injuries.

Supporting the liver with Cavalor Hepato Liq

The liver is an internal detox organ and plays a key role in overall health and performance. It is responsible for processing several nutrients, waste products and also toxic compounds. Rest and recovery of the liver is therefore essential for a complete “reset” of the entire body and will significantly improve the results of a detox period.

To give the liver a break, it is best not to give any unnecessary supplements and medication during the recovery period. Some herbs, such as those found in Cavalor Hepato Liq, will promote liver function, allowing it to operate at full capacity by the next competition season. Hepato Liq is ideal for cleansing and supporting liver function and the horse’s metabolism. A horse’s body needs to process a number of waste substances in order to function properly.

An extra detox boost with Cavalor Vitaflora

Give your horse an extra detox boost with Cavalor Vitaflora

Forage digestion happens in the large intestine with the help of microorganisms. To promote the function of these important microorganisms, and support digestion, you can add pre and probiotics, such as Cavalor Vitaflora, to the diet. Pre and probiotics will improve and maintain a healthy balance of the intestinal flora, allowing the large intestine to function optimally.

Cavalor VitaFlora maintains gut health and ensures maximum feed intake. Daily use of Vitaflora helps prevent acidification in the large intestine for horses that have a larger intake of compound feeds.

If you're thinking of putting your horse on a detox, but are unsure where to start, contact us for advice. 

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Guest post from: Cavalor