Sweet Itch is an extremely common skin condition, caused by an allergic skin reaction to midge saliva. Most commonly seen from March to October and with remission usually occurring in the Winter. It is really important to nutritionally support the skin all year round to support the horse’s natural skin defences.   Weakness in the skin gives opening for pathogens to cause damage, so prevention is a really good option. Global Herbs Skratch, NAF Love The Skin He's In D-Itch and Omega Flaxseed Oil are supplements that can be added to your horses feed to support the skin.
For known sufferers start using Carr & Day & Martin Killitch topical solution as a preventative measure as soon as possible. Killitch is as licensed product, proven to prevent and treat sweet itch in horses and ponies.  

Prevention and constant treatment are the best method of management, along with a good quality fly rug….Coming soon, the new Equilibrium fly rug! Audevard Flymax Darm can also be applied once or twice a day as a protective skin lotion.
Keep irritated areas clean and dry and our selection of topical salves and lotions can be applied to itchy spots or bites. For example Equilibrium Skin Soother, NAF Love The Skin He's In Skin Salve and Global Herbs Itch & Bite Cream.

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