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Optimum performance from us to you…

This week the team at Supplement Solutions have a lot to celebrate, as we have been names British Equestrian Trade Association Internet Retailer of the Year.  We are so pleased and would like to thank our lovely customers for voting for us!

March marks the start of the British Eventing season, with Gatcombe Horse Trials taking place at the end of the month. There is also the Cheltenham festival to look forward too and the start of British summertime, which officially begins on 29th March. March looks set to be an exciting month for us equestrians!

NAF want to ensure that your horses are fit and ready for the season, whatever your discipline, so are giving our lucky customers £5.00 off both sizes of Optimum Balancer bags, along with the chance to win a three month supply. Read on to find out more…

The Five Star Feed Balancer for your Five Star horse that helps maintain Five Star condition and health.

NAF Five Star Optimum will:

  • Help restore and maintain five star condition and health
  • Maximise the nutritional value of the daily feed
  • Optimise the health and efficiency of the digestive system

Concentrated and easy to feed, Optimum comes in a highly palatable pellet form. It is of the highest supplement specification and has a great sugar free flavour. Optimum is formulated to compliment high fibre and low concentrate or performance diets. When a daily feed is not necessary, Optimum can simply be given on its own, directly from your hand. It is designed to optimise every horse’s diet from family pony to performance athlete.

The nutritional benefits of Optimum include:

  • Broad spectrum of all essential vitamins, minerals and key amino acids
  • Prebiotics, herbal support and antacids to mop up excess acids in the digestive tract
  • Unique antioxidants, Vitamin E and Selenium, work together to flush toxins from the system
  • Copper, Cobalt, Zinc and Vitamin B provide support for the blood and energy utilisation
  • Key amino acids aid naturally healthy tissue growth and muscle integrity

NAF Five Star Optimum Balancer is the ideal choice for condition, topline, digestive health and essential vitamins and minerals.

Fab new products from NAF…

Fab Four Offer

Witness the powers of the new Fab Four!  Amazing super heroes of Equine Care: Show Off, Muck Off, Shine On and Pimp My Pony!

Show Off: Fabulous shampoo, which not only cleans deeper and shines brighter, it smells wonderful too! Just add Show Off to your water and work up the suds to make your horses DAZZLE!

Muck Off: Stubborn stains mean nothing to this powerful formula. A little spray on the stain will lift it clean away and your horse or pony will be spotless! NAF have yet to find a stain it can't remove, so go ahead and give it a try. The results will be AMAZING!

Shine On: Is your horse squeaky clean and ready to go, but lacking that extra sparkle? Simply mist the coat with this spray to give an all-over perfect finish. The shine is sure to get you NOTICED!

Pimp My Pony:  For all dirty ponies who want to clean up and stand out from the crowd, NAF have created this perfect pink shampoo, which not only smells fab, it cleans deeper and shines brighter. Just add Pimp My Pony to your water and prepare to be WOWED!

We won so you can win too…

Last week, Supplement Solutions was named British Equestrian Trade Association’s Internet Retailer of the Year for the fourth time! To say we are over the moon is an understatement. We all work so hard to ensure that you guys experience a speedy, efficient service with excellent product knowledge and assistance.

Optimum Balancer 3 Month Supply

We have teamed up with NAF to offer you the chance to WIN 3 month’s supply of Optimum, to keep your horses at his best. All you have to do to enter is: CLICK HERE to go to our Facebook page, then simply Like and Share the post! The winner will be announced at the end of March, so best of luck and a huge thank you once again from all the team here at Supplement Solutions.