Now that the weather is hotting up we've put together our top pick of supplements and care products to keep your horse happy throughout summer! Read on to find out more...

Farnam SuperMask

1. Fly Mask A well-fitting, good quality fly mask could be the answer to your horse's prayers! It helps prevent bothersome flies gathering around his eyes and nose, which can in turn lead to weeping eyes and itchiness.

Farnam SuperMask is a superior, hard-wearing fly mask that last more than just 1 season! It has a strong durable mesh with fleece binding for comfort. Another added bonus is that there is a double latch closure to prevent your horse's mates removing it for him!

Fly Spray

2.  Fly Spray This almost goes without saying! An effective fly spray will be a life-saver this summer. Not just for when your horse is grazing but for use at competition and out riding! We've all been there when you turn up at a competition venue fly spray-less and they seem to have a plague of horse flies!

For extreme cases and for horses with sweet itch a Cypermethrin or Permethrin based product is ideal, these include: Z-Itch, Farnam Tri-Tec, Coopers and Deosect.

For everyday protection our best sellers include: Barrier Super Plus, Leovet Power Phaser and Lillidale Fly Repellent.

3. Electrolytes Sweating is vital to bring down the horse's body temperature, this is inevitably going to happen in the summer months! Like in humans, when a horse sweats it loses water and electrolytes (body salts). If water and electrolytes are not replaced the animal will become dehydrated. Electrolytes can be used in an isotonic solution, in a small feed or in syringe form. Don't forget always allow your horse access to clean, fresh drinking water!

Science Supplement Complete Electrolytes are available in 3 different powder sizes and in a syringe. This product uses MicroBead technology to ensure it is gentle on your horse's stomach and means it reaches the horse's small intestine, where electrolyte intake is optimal, before it dissolves.


4. Horse Quencher Do you have trouble getting your horse to drink at competitions? Then this little wonder product is for you. Horse Quencher is not an electrolyte nor an equine fizzy drink. It is simply an all-natural product that will encourage your horse to drink with it's irresistible flavour. It was originally developed for event riders at the Hong Kong Olympics.

Horse Quencher is available in a 25 serving pouch or single servings in Peppermint or Apple.

Horse Quencher
Sun Cream

5. Sun Cream Here's one for all you owners with pink skinned horses or those with a pink nose! Equine suncreams are a lot thicker than human alternatives, meaning they stay on for longer. Most also contain ingredients to soothe already burnt skin.

Equus Health Ozvet Sun Off can safely be applied to areas with broken skin and Groom Away Sun Protection Cream is also waterproof!

Hoof Moisturiser

6. Hoof Moisturiser Hard ground can really take its toll on your horse's hooves so treat him to a moisturising hoofdressing to help prevent and cracks or splits. They aim to balance moisture levels in the hoof wall that change according to the weather and ground.

Application of these products every few days will help with any summer hoof problems your horse may have: Leovet Summer Oil Gel, Keratex Hoof Moisturiser, NAF ProFeet Hoof Moist

7. Fly Control Supplements Supplements that you feed to help warn flies away from your horse usually contain a blend of ingredients such as garlic and other pungent herbs and spices. Most usually contain soothing ingredients such as MSM, Zinc, as well as soothing herbs to calm the skin and prevent itching.

Brinicombe Think Fly Granules comes in a handy granule form so does not have to be added to feed. Feedmark Fly Formula also contains a probiotic to support the digestive system. Global Herbs Fly Free has recently been improved with the addition of Turmeric!

Fly Control Supplements

8. Joint Supplement  As well as taking its toll on your horse's hooves the hard ground can also have an effect on your horse's joints. Feeding a good quality joint supplement throughout the year will aid your horse's natural shock absorption! Unfortunately, the best way to find out what works for your horse is to give a supplement a try. This may take a little trial and error but when you find a joint supplement you and your horse are happy with it will be worth it!

A few supplements that also contain soothing ingredients to help deal with hard ground: Feedmark ExtraFlex HA with Rosehips, as the name suggests this joint supplement also contains rosehips which are known for their soothing properties. Maxavita MaxaFlex contains GLM (Green Lipped Mussel), well known for its support properties. Lintbells Yumove Horse Joint and Active Joint also contain GLM. Active Joint contains higher levels of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), designed to be of benefit to horse's in hard work or older horses.

Joint Supplements