Time to worm your horse? Think worm count first...

Summer is here and most horses are out to grass and enjoying the Great British sunshine, or lack of it! Whilst horses are out it's a good time to get jobs done ready for Winter and to conduct worm counts to test as part of a strategic worming programme. We've teamed up with Westgate Labs to offer £1 off every kit bought until 31st August and sent back before 30th September, a summer saving not to miss out on!

Why worm count? Horse worms are evolving to become resistant to some worming drugs meaning we can no longer rely on wormers to keep our horses parasite free. Testing monitors the burden, only treating if necessary.

Which worms? Faecal egg counts identify egg laying redworm and roundworm parasites. See the table below for other testing methods and treatments for year round parasite control:

Year Round Parasite Control

The process: Collect the sample and pop the pre-paid envelope in the post. Once the sample arrives at Westgate Labs it is tested using the industry standard 'modified McMaster' egg count method including a centrifuge for worm egg counts, far superior to simple strained methods. Results then come back to you from the Supplement Solutions SQP via e-mail or telephone!

Worm Counts