At Supplement Solutions we are always on the look for new and exciting brands to offer to our lovely customer's across the UK and Europe. Back in February at BETA 2015 we were lucky enough to bump into Beryl and Dhruv from The Herbal Horse + Pet, who had just launched their products in the UK. Founded in 2000 by Beryl Shuttleworth (Biochemist & Zoologist), the supplement company is already a well-known brand in South Africa.

The Herbal Horse + Pet offer a comprehensive range of supplements for horses and pets, all of which are made with natural ingredients. Their philosophy is to use small amounts of different herbs, vitamins and other nutrients which work together to produce the most beneficial effect. They are proud to offer supplements that work and each formulation is meticulously and carefully thought through.

Why are The Herbal Horse + Pet supplements different:  Highest quality ingredients - the very best raw materials are chosen and combined uniquely to meet your horse's needs. Vegetarian - you don't see horse's eating fish and that's why all the ingredients are vegetarian. Smart formulations - by using herbs as well as nutrients they draw on the very latest scientific research to provide comprehensive supplements. Happy customers - just read a few reviews and you will see how much customer's and their pets love these products! Our guarantee - they are so confident that if you don't think the supplement works they will refund you every penny paid, no questions asked. Now that's a guarantee and a half!

The Herbal Horse + Pet support a few riders across the UK and were kind enough to provide Team Supplement Solutions with some of their supplements to try. Look out for another blog soon with how they got on! I've been informed that their horses are loving tucking into their supplements every day.

A Herbal Horse + Pet delivery!

The supplements come in handy 500g (1 month) or 2kg (4 month) sizes and are currently all 50% off as part of November's Manufacturer of the Month promotion here at Supplement Solutions.