Ever wondered what happens to your order at Supplement Solutions? Well here's your chance to find out! We asked our Trainee Supplement Specialist Zanna to explain what happens from the moment you order to the moment it reaches your doorstep.

Here at Supplement Solutions we thought it would be nice to let you behind the scenes and see exactly what happens to your order after you have clicked confirm!

1. Orders are printed from our online database - Once your order has been submitted it will be picked up by one of the team and printed. All the orders from that session are then collated and a picking sheet is printed. Now off to the warehouse...

2. Picking products - Here at Supplement Solutions we have lots of products, so it's important to pick the right one! Products are sorted via brands in alphabetical order and are stored five shelves high in the warehouse (don't worry - we have steps to reach those top shelves!)


3. Pigeon holes - All the products are taken from the warehouse on a trolley and sorted into numbered pigeon holes. The whiteboard is used with different coloured magnets to differentiate between urgent, premier and standard delivery options. Orders that contain wormers and flea treatments are also checked by our in-house E-SQP's at this point and signed off.

Pidgeon Holes 2

4. Ready for packing! - Orders are taken out of the pigeon hole and put on the packing bench. Products are then labelled up with our QR-code scanner stickers. These can help you order products quickly next time! If you are part of the loyalty scheme, your loyalty points are added onto your product here too. Any liquids or gels are bubble-wrapped at this point to make sure you products reach you safe and sound!

Packing Bench

5. Free gifts - Here are Supplement Solutions we try to make all our customers feel special, that's why we like to include free gifts in your order. Keep your eyes pealed to see if you get a free gift in your next order! New customers will always receive a free gift in their first order, usually a packet of yummy polos! Depending on the 'Monthly Special' you may also receive a free gift from the manufacturer of the month.

Leaflets, brochures and our card are also included in your order, as well as our newsletter containing details about special offers and products. We include a few of our business cards in your first order so you can share them with your friends at the stables.

free treats web

6. Box - Products are them put into a suitable box, usually one of our specially printed boxes, and packed with packing material to keep them safe. International orders are packed in double walled boxes as they have to travel that little bit further to ensure it reaches you safe and sound! We either use air bags or eco-flo packaging (the nickname for these are wotsits!) to pad out the box to keep your tubs snugly packed.

Packing trolly

7. Labels  - Orders are then placed on the trolleys with their courier label, ready to be dispatched. Royal Mail parcels are placed in bags ready for the postie to pick up and put in his van.

8. Shipping - Your order will then be picked up by one of our lovely courier drivers that visit us in the afternoons. We have daily collections from both Interlink and Parcelforce as well as Royal Mail. If you have a tracking number we will be put into the online system and you will receive a dispatch e-mail containing all the information you need to keep an eye on the parcel.

Eddie Ray

9. After sales care - The team at Supplement Solutions are here to help! If you have any questions about your products, or are not sure which product to pick for your next order, just pick up the phone and give us a ring (01995 672464). We take orders over the phone too! We love to hear your success stories too so e-mail us or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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