Please e-mail us your stories regarding supplements you have used and if possible please include a photo.

Alice and Emma - Lillidale Horse and Pony Care range

Our staff were asked to try the brand new Lillidale care range and Alice tried out the Medicated Shampoo and Black Soft Hoof Grease on Emma.

"I washed Emma's legs using the Lillidale Medicated Shampoo which removed mud and dirt really easily. It left them squeky clean and shiny. I finished off with the Soft Hoof Grease which gave her hooves a lovely shine. They even looked good the next morning!"

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Ellie and Rocky - NAF Five Star ProFeet

Ellie had always had trouble with Rocky’s feet. They would crack and he would regularly lose shoes. When Ellie became a working pupil for an event rider, the farrier described Rocky’s feet as “awful!” and recommended NAF ProFeet Liquid.

”I bought ProFeet Liquid and ProFeet Rock Hard and the results have been incredible! Rocky has never grown so much good quality horn before, and now his shoes stay on him longer. Rocky and I are very happy customers" says Ellie.

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Carla and Nopekan - NAF Five Star ProFeet

Nopekan, a 9 year old Ex-racehorse owned by Carla Taylor. After retiring from racing as a 6 year old due to injury, Nopekan spent a few years out of work recovering and then began his re-training with Carla. He was unshod when Carla bought him and his feet were in good but not excellent condition. As Carla started more work she had him shod so they could hack out and do more together. It soon became clear his feet were pretty soft (typical of most Thoroughbreds) and he never kept his shoes on for very long. This was proving difficult as every time he threw a shoe, he would take a chunk from his hoof too. Ultimately, he became quite foot sore from all of these problems. Carla had tried all sorts of lotions and potions but had not had much success until she noticed the ProFeet Pellets and Dressing at Supplement Solutions and decided to give it a go. Says Carla “The results were amazing, within a month his feet were looking much better, I used both the Dressing and the ProFeet Pellets and will continue to do so. Six months on, and he is finally keeping his shoes on and his feet look great. It's good to know I can use this long term too to keep his toes in tip top shape! Even my farrier was impressed with the quick results!”

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Bliss the Thoroughbred - LexveT B1 Cool Mix

The before photo shows 'Bliss' a Thoroughbred broodmare four months in foal. She has poor muscling, fat cover and condition. She was unable to gain weight despite being fed four kilograms (nearly nine lbs!) of a brand named feed each day. Bliss was lethargic and her owner had not seen her trot in years. Her owner was concerned that Bliss wouldn't carry her foal to term and contacted her vet for advice.

The recommendations made included adding LexveT B1 Cool Mix, reducing the feed to two kilograms per day and adding an extra biscuit of grassy hay per day. After one week, Bliss' owner noticed Bliss trotting and cantering around the paddock. Her owner stated that she "did not believe that a horse could improve this much in such a short period of time".

With thanks to Bliss's owner for sharing their story with us!

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Harley the Thoroughbred - LexveT Mineral Mix

Harley is one of the original before and afters emailed to us. As with most of the photos we receive, it was completely unsolicited. His owner Emma went to her local feed store and they had run out of her normal supplement, so the store suggested she purchase some LexveT Mineral Mix.

HarryWe have been feeding LexveT Mineral Mix for just over a month now. He is a typical 'lean' Thoroughbred who never carried much weight and didn't fair too well when it was dry, but even now with when it is dry again and there isn't much grass, he's looking better than ever. He hasn't had his diet changed or amounts of feed changed between photos other than the addition of LexveT Mineral Mix. Everyone comments on how different he looks and one of my neighbours thought another horse has gotten into the paddock with ours! They ask me what I have done and they can't believe it when I tell them it is from a mineral supplement.

I recommend it to all my horsey friends now! -- Regards Emily & Harley

With kind thanks to Emma for sharing Harley's story with us.

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Alex and Dexter – NAF Five Star Superflex

I have owned my 20 year old Welsh Section D Dexter for a year and I put him on NAF Five Star Superflex powder within the first couple of weeks of him arriving. I felt that at his age he would benefit from some joint support. I took advice from Katie at Supplement Solutions and chose Superflex due to its composition – it has all the nutrients Dexter needs, correctly balanced, to ensure his joints have maximum support. After a few months I began to wonder if it really was making a difference and decided to try him without it for a while. I started to notice a change in his way of going. His stride wasn't as free flowing, there was less swing in his hips and I particularly noticed that an uneven downhill slope on one of our regular hacks seemed more difficult for him to manoeuvre. This made me realise how much Dex was benefitting from being on Superflex and I put him straight back on it. With time he returned to 'normal' and I wouldn't be without it now.

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Beth, Brennah and Jameson – NAF Five Star Superflex and Devil's Relief

As the owner of 2 aging horses I thought it was a good idea to put them both onto a joint supplement. After discussing my horses individual requirements with Katie at Supplement Solutions we decided that Superflex would offer a good level of support for their joints. My 23 year old mare, Brennah, has arthritis in various joints and as she is doing less work stiffens up, since putting her on Superflex she is more mobile and finds getting up far easier in the morning (unlike her mum!). My other horse, Jameson, an 18hh 17 year old gelding, has also benefitted from the addition of Supeflex in his diet and is working really well in his dressage and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. All in all, I am really pleased with the Superflex product and find it an affordable and effective joint supplement.


Brennah began to struggle, in the winter months, to get up after being lay down during the night.  I didn’t know what to do for the best so called Katie at Supplement Solutions for some impartial advise,  we decided to put her on Devil’s Relief to offer her joints some extra support and comfort.  Since starting Devil’s Relief I have seen a huge improvement in her mobility and she is always up and waiting impatiently for her breakfast.  For a relatively small amount of money my horse looks and feels 10 years younger!

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Snowy and Daisy - Protexin Equine Premium Acid Ease

Snowy's owner Daisy was really worried about him as he started to drop condition. He had always been a 'fatty' so for him to look ribby and tucked up was unusual. He had moved yards 3 times in a short space of time and his behaviour had also changed. He was girthy, lacking energy, grumpy, kicking out when asked to go forward and had gone off his food. He randomly showed signs of colic too. His weight had gone down to 580kg which was very light for a 17hh Warmblood. Daisy contacted Protexin, who suggested Acid Ease… two months on and Snowy is back to his feisty old self! He is less sensitive when being girthed up and groomed and has much more energy and impulsion when ridden, even showing how good he feels by throwing in his party trick ‘fly buck’ again. He was weighed last week and now weighs a very healthy 688kg. We are very glad to see that Snowy is doing so well. .

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Julie - Horse First RelaxMe and Keep Me Sound

A massive thank you to Horse First. My story of my retired horse is on display on your web page but now your Relax Me product has transformed my mare an I’s relationship. She was constantly spooky and almost impossible to ride in a new location. I started her on Relax Me and 2weeks ago I really started to notice a difference when we sailed around a hunter trial course but to top it off yesterday we qualified for the RDS as part of Castle Leslies riding club team. She was a completely different horse. Transformed.

I actually can't thank you enough. I'm now a customer of Relax Me and Keep Me Sound.

Thank you a million times over!

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Arnie and Hannah - NAF Five Star Magic

Arnie, a 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding owned by Hannah Ashton. Following his time spent on a racing yard, Arnie struggled to settle in his stable during the winter months. Box walking and poor appetite led to rapid weight loss. In addition to his behaviour in the stable, Arnie was spooky and tense when out hacking. After three weeks of feeding Magic Powder, Hannah noticed a great improvement in her horse. He settled in his stable, lay down at night and gained significant weight. Arnie is now less spooky when out and surprised Hannah when he behaved so much better than expected at his first competition. Say Hannah “I am really impressed with Magic and will keep him on it indefinitely. The magnesium and blend of calming herbs helped to address Arnie's anxiety whilst the added Pre and Pro-Biotics helped settle his gut aiding calm.”

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Playboy and Katrina - NAF Five Star ProFeet

Katrina has not owned Playboy for long, and unfortunately within weeks of him settling in to his new home, his hooves started to separate and he became lame on three feet after a farrier had taken too much hoof away. The vet advised Katrina that he would be lame for at least 6 months so she bought 2 pairs of boots to help him, but she still felt that there must be something else that would help his hooves grow back quicker, so she decided to try ProFeet Liquid. Says Katrina "Without a word of a lie, they started to grow back instantly, and within 2 months he was completely sound with full hooves. The vet said to bring him back into work. Our new farrier said he didn't believe in supplements and suggested I then stop feeding the ProFeet. Within 2 weeks of not having the ProFeet, his feet had separated again so he is off work and I am now feeding ProFeet again. The vet said as it works so well I should leave him on it indefinitely."

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Cloonisle Colleen and Charlotte - NAF Five Star Superflex

We purchased Cloonisle Colleen in October 2009, she had been out of work for 4 years and in this time she had foaled. When we put her back into work her front fetlock joints were clicking, so we decided to try a joint supplement. She has now been on Superflex Liquid for 6 months and her joints have stopped clicking for good. Cloonisle moves well and no longer stumbles as she did before, at 14 years of age, we will carry on using Superflex Liquid as the results are so pleasing!

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Tazz and Kat - NAF Five Star Respirator Boost

TazzTazz has COPD which has got worse with age, so much so that she was unable to be ridden due to her coughing. Tazz's vet has previously prescribed Ventapulmin, however Kat wanted to try a natural supplement. Having tried many different products without success, Kat decided to try Respirator Boost as she was encouraged by the money back guarantee. Kat saw amazing results after just 3 days. After a week, Tazz could be ridden without coughing. Kat will be taking part in the 'Canter for a Cure' ride in May in aid of Cancer Research UK, it is a 12 mile ride and thanks to Respirator boost she hopes to complete the ride! "She felt great she was back to her old self, jogging and bouncing about like a filly!"

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Colby and Lorna - NAF Five Star Instant Magic

ColbyColby had a tendency to become very nervous and tense at competitions. So I tried Instant Magic and I'm very pleased with the results. It makes Colby much more rideable and helps him to cope with the stress of travelling and competing. I have recommended this product to many others and they also have had very good results.

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Karon Sansom - Global Herbs Fly Free

HarryI have to congratulate you on supplying such a great product, Global Herbs Fly Free. My horse suffers badly with little flies going into his ears; he does not like wearing a fly mask so it was a real problem. He has been on Fly Free a week and my goodness it is amazing. I can have peace of mind all the time now knowing that he can have a stress free time in the field.

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Kaiser the Hanoverian - Equine America Copper Plus

Since moving to the West of Cumbria, Francesca Hoggarth and her four year old Hanoverian gelding Kaiser have faced an annual battle against mud fever. Kaiser’s field is sandy and dry, yet every time bacteria finds a point of entry – through the smallest of cuts and nicks – mud fever sets in, regardless of the weather or season.

CrabAfter three years of mud fever on Kaiser’s one white sock, Francesca decided that she’d had enough of treating the condition and decided to look at preventing it. She noticed that whilst all of her horses are dark in colour, their coats all display the same ‘ginger tinge’ – a sign of copper deficiency. This was consistent with what she had read about the benefits of copper sulphate in horses prone to mud fever. However, Francesca was worried about upsetting Kaiser’s natural nutritional balance, so she turned to Supplement Solutions for some advice. She spoke to a member of staff who suggested Equine America’s Copper Plus. Whilst there are several equine copper supplements available, this one was the most suitable for the situation, as the 908g tub lasts 45 days for the average (500kg) horse – an ideal trial period. Copper Plus also contains several copper supporting minerals, such as Vitamin E and Selenium, and is specifically formulated for horses grazing in copper deficient areas.

Francesca ordered the Copper Plus and started feeding it the day that it arrived. Kaiser gobbled it down happily in just a handful of pasture mix, which was ideal, as Francesca wanted to avoid giving hard feed where possible.

Once she had started feeding Copper Plus, Francesca stopped treating Kaiser’s mud fever altogether in order to fully assess the supplement’s effectiveness. Just less than a month later, Kaiser’s mud fever had almost cleared up completely.

Francesca is so pleased with the results that she has decided to feed the Copper Plus long-term in the hope that Kaiser’s mud fever will become a thing of the past. Watch this space!

With kind thanks to Mrs Hoggarth for sharing Kaiser’s story with us.

Click here for more information on Copper Plus

Pippa and Rags - NAF Five Star ProFeet

My horse used to have poor hooves and no amount of oil or other supplements seemed to help. I've now been using ProFeet for at least three years and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my horse's hooves. They are strong, healthy and extremely hardy compared to how they used to be! I also find the supplement to be quite economical, as I use 10ml per day, so the bottle really stretches far! All in all, a very good product, which I would recommend to anyone who has horses with poor hooves.

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Kirsty and Bug - Science Supplements ProKalm

I just wanted to write and let you all know how pleased I am and what a difference you have all made to myself and Bug. I've gone from not being able to hack or even get on without giving him a good lunge before hand! I regularly attend training sessions and am desperate to improve myself and Bug! Since feeding Science Supplements ProKalm I am not only able to hack out but can go alone, we are improving none stop and I'm chuffed to bits! It's spurred us on to purchase a trailer and have high hopes of getting out competing this year. Many thanks to all the team at Supplement Solutions, Kirsty and Bug!

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Jake's Story - NutriScience Equine Gold

Just before Christmas 2009, Jake was found to have a cracked tooth. He was transported to the Weiper's Centre where he was examined and found to have split the tooth into fragments. This must have been very painful for him, but he was very brave and never gave any indication of pain and always managed to gobble up his feed and hay.

JakeWe were advised that the tooth needed extracting the hard way, through a bone flap to his sinus and the tooth and fragments could be knocked into his mouth. All went well (thankfully) and he was discharged home on antibiotics a week later.

Poor Jake, those antibiotics badly upset his stomach and he stopped eating and had diarrhoea. I did research on the internet and found that you sold Equine Gold and this is how I found your website! It is a blessing because Jake had two recurrent sinus infections which were almost to be expected and 3 lots of antibiotics in total (1 after surgery and then 2 for each infection). He lost a lot of weight as well.

Thank goodness I found your website because the Equine Gold worked wonders and Jake very much appreciated the treats which were enclosed with his order of 'happy tummy bugs'.

Everytime Jake is wormed or given antibiotics/medicine or he is under the weather, he has a little extra Equine Gold and I just want to say, thank you very much, Supplement Solutions!! We found a solution with your supplements. Helen

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