Strongid-P Paste 43.90% w/w [active ingredient: Pyrantel Embonate] (POM-VPS)

Strongid-P oral wormer paste provides effective control of gut dwelling roundworms, pinworms and redworms and should be used routinely throughout the summer months. A double dose will provide effective tapeworm control in spring and autumn. Suitable for foals from 4 weeks of age, pregnant and lactating mares, breeding stallions, and donkeys. Pyrantel embonate based wormer will treat up to 600kg of bodyweight with a single syringe, if your horse weighs more than this you will need an additional paste. For more information on when to worm your horse, please read our Confused About Worming? article, written by our in-house SQP.

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Strongid-P paste is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic, which is indicated for use in the horse and donkey for the control and treatment of adult infections of large and small strongyles, Oxyuris, Parascaris and Anoplocephala perfoliata. Strongid-P paste is effective against benzimidazole resistant strains of small strongyles and should be used wherever the presence of such strains is suspected.

Dosage and Administration

Strongid-P is recommended for direct oral administration in horses, ponies, foals over four weeks of age and donkeys. For the control and treatment of strongyles, including benzimidazole resistant strains, Strongid-P should be used at a dose rate of 19mg per kg of bodyweight, therefore one complete syringe will provide sufficient paste to treat a 600kg horse. It is recommended that horses and ponies over eight months of age are routinely dosed every six to eight weeks, increasing to once every four to six weeks when at grass. Animals under eight months of age should be treated every four weeks.

When using Strongid-P to for the treatment and control of tapeworm, a dose rate of 38mg per kg of bodyweight should be administered, that is double the dose of that for strongyles. If considered necessary, treatment for tapeworm should be carried out at intervals of at least six weeks.

To ensure administration of a correct dose of Strongid-P, body weight should be determined as accurately as possible

More Information
Manufacturer Strongid-P
Presentation Oral Paste
Suitable for use during pregnancy? Yes
Complies with Jockey Club/ FEI Rules Yes
Warnings Not for use in horses with known hypersensitivity to the active ingredient. Only for direct oral administration. The same oral dose should only be used to dose two animals two animals if they are both healthy and are either running together, or are on the same premises and in direct contact with each other. Avoid contact with the skin. Wash hands and any other parts of the body that come into contact with the product. To be used for animal treatment only. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not store above 25 degrees celcius. Protect from direct sunlight. Any product remaining two months after the first use of an oral doser should be discarded.
Suitable for Donkeys Yes
Agreement File strongidp.pdf
Instructions for use Strongid-P Paste is recommended for direct oral administration in horses, ponies and foals of over four weeks of age and donkeys. It is not necessary to withhold any feed prior to administration. The following method of administration is recommended:

1. Position the locking ring over the appropriate mark on the plunger.

2. Remove the cap from the nozzle.

3.The paste is best deposited on the upper surface (dorsum) of the tongue. Introduce the nozzle end of the syringe at the corner of the mouth (labial commissure). Direct the syringe backwards and depress the plunger to deposit the paste onto the tongue. Providing the paste is given in this way it is unlikely that any rejection will occur. Raising of the horse's head by a hand under the chin sometimes assists in the swallowing process.
Ingredients Label 43.9% w/w pyrantel embonate
Legal Category POM-VPS (Prescription-only medicine). Please answer the questions on the previous page.
Unsure about worming? If you have any questions about worming your horse please do not hesitate to contact Hannah, our SQP, on 01995 671787 or email
Treats up to... 600kg
Adverse Reaction If your horse has had an adverse reaction to this, or any other wormer, please fill in the VMD Adverse Event Form
Wormer Information For the latest, up to date information about Strongid-P, please see the NOAH Compendium
Parasites Treated Roundworm (Parascaris), Tapeworm (A.perfoliata), Large Redworm (Large Strongyles), Pinworm (Oxyuris), Small Redworm (Adult Stage)
Active Ingredient Pyrantel embonate (43.9% W/W)
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