Synovium Gastrosafe (Equine)

Synovium Gastrosafe is an award winning veterinary gut supplement for horses.

Developed by independant Olympic vets to support a healthy gut and stomach acidity.


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Veterinary gut supplement for horses: Gastrosafe offers a innovative and proven formula to support optimal gut health in horses

  • Award winning & scientifically proven horse gut supplement
  • Healthy front & hind gut with essential prebiotics
  • Ultimate gastric support when fed twice per day
  • 1.5kg tub gives 1 months supply

It has been extensively researched by a veterinary team and nutrition experts for optimal gastric aid.

Gastrosafe supports gastric acidity in horses, provides essential proven prebiotics, whilst supporting the natural anti-inflammatory processes in the front and hind gut.

Suitable for horses with poor appetite, poor condition, poor performance, and behaviour changes.

Ideally fed to horses to help support a healthy gut environment, providing a natural alternative to maintain a healthy GI tract and a happy horse long term.

A veterinary gut supplement will provide support to horses during stressful activities, travelling, competition and changes in routine.

No ingredients in Gastrosafe are listed on the FEI prohibited substances list. Competition safe, Anti-Doping checked.

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are a non-digestible food source to support your horse’s existing good gut microbes. Unlike probiotics they do not contain live bacteria.

Prebiotics support the horses good bacteria, for optimum health, by stimulating the growth and activity of the existing microorganisms. So the helpful bacteria remain healthy. Studies prove the benefits of supplementing horses with Prebiotics for gut health.

It is still an ongoing study to understand what is best to feed your horse for gut support and therefore it is always recommended to speak to your vet for advice. There are many theories on Probiotics but nothing concrete, unlike with Prebiotics.

Synovium Horse Health bases its supplements on only proven science and trials. Always ask advice of your vet if you suspect your horse has ulcers.

Gut supplement for horses – Gastrosafe
Veterinary gastric supplement for horses; for use on horses with a sensitive gut.

Horses are hindgut fermenters, therefore meaning that the large intestine is where breakdown of fibre takes place.

Fibre is the main component of the horse’s forage which is broken down by microorganisms to produce essential nutrients that the horse absorbes.

Because the hindgut is geared for fibre fermentation, it be sensitive due to receiving large amounts of undigested sugars.

If you require a daily horse calmer with added gut support please try our Mgnium horse supplement.

More Information
Brand Synovium
Applicator/ Dispenser Measuring Scoop
My Product Must Be... Free From Prohibited Substances
My Horse Is... Acid Prone, Girthy, Stressy
Warnings Keep out of the reach and sight of children Keep the bottle tightly closed
Ingredients Label COMPOSTION Calcium carbonate (E170) 300,000mg (300g)= 9,600mg (9.6g) per day Seaweed (Laminaria hyperborea) 150,000mg (150g) = 4,800mg (4.8g) per day (Natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements) Magnesium Hydroxide (E528) 150,000mg (150g) = 4,800mg (4.8g) per day (Antacid) Fructooligosaccharides 150,000mg (150g) = 4,800mg (4.8g) per day (Prebiotics) Glutamine 57,000mg (57g) = 1,824mg (1.82g) per day (Amino Acid) Threonine 4,720mg (4.7g) / 100 gr Kaolin 15,000mg (15g) / 100 gr ANALYSIS Crude protein 14.3% Crude oil 2.1% Crude fiber 0.8% Crude ash 40.82% Sodium 1.12% Calcium 8.47% Magnesium 4.17%
Key Ingredients Calcium Carbonate, Prebiotic, Seaweed
Instructions for use Measuring spoon of 50 ml contains 48 grams.

Horse Loading: add 2 scoops per day to feed for 10 days, split into two feeds for best results. Continue on 2 scoops if directed by your vet.

Horse & Pony Maintenance: add 1 scoop per day, split into two feeds for best results

Foal: add 1/2 scoop to the feed daily, split between feeds where possible.
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 1 scoop per day, split between feeds if possible
How long will it last (days)? Fed at maintenance rate, 1.5kg will last approximately 31 days and 4.5kg approximately 93 days
Approx cost per day £1.35 - £1.54
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