VetPlus Synoquin EFA Cat 90 Capsules (Feline)

A supplement to maintain joint function in cats.
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Many pet owners are concerned about the long term effects of NSAIDs as many conditions associated with joint injury or deterioration require long term therapy. SYNOQUIN® EFA CAT provides a safe complementary approach to traditional drugs. Synoquin EFA Joint Supplement Capsules for Cats builds on the innovitive Chondroprotective feed supplement, now with added Dexahan for ailing joints and mobility problems.

Why does my vet recommend Synoquin Cat? SYNOQUIN CAT is a unique patented formula containing 5 key ingredients, each performing a specific role within the joint. It is this successful formula that vets and pet owners alike have come to rely on.
  • Synoquin Cat is made using high purity, premium quality glucosamine hydrochloride, N-acetyl D-glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate
  • Synoquin Cat uses mammalian chondroitin sulphate as it is well absorbed, sustainable and an ehtical source - no shark cartilage
  • Synoquin Cat is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards with routine testing and analysis of all ingredients and final product, to guarantee the stated purity, label claim and quality
  • Synoquin Cat is an easy to dose cat-specific sprinkle capsule
How should I give Synoquin Cat? An initial loading programme of 6 weeks is necessary for the production of healthy joint fluid and cartilage. After 6 weeks the level of administration can usually be decreased to the maintenance level of one capsule per day. Synoquin cat can be safely used as a long-term supplement for joint function. Synoquin Cat is usually administered with the daily food ration. Capsules should be sprinkled onto the daily food ration, or administered whole. How does it work? Synoquin Cat is a unique patented formula containing 5 key ingredients: Glucosamine HCL ~ "The Repairer" The major building block for the synthesis of new and healthy glycosaminoglycans (GAG's)
  • Stimulates manafacture of cartilage and joint fluid GAGs
  • Prevents cartilage thinning
  • Helps to maintain joint function.
N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine ~ "The Facilitator" A key building block in the GAG chain and its inclusion ensures that a higher percentage of active glucosamine reaches the joint.
  • Improves GAG absorption
  • Helps to increase joint inflammatory factors which modulate the effect of destructive cytokines
  • Enhances cartilage repair
Ascorbic Acid ~ "The Scavenger"
  • The body's primary water soluble anti oxidant.
  • Ascorbic acid neutralises the effects of free radical production within the damaged joint structure
Chondroitin Sulphate ~ "The Builder" Its primary function is to give cartilage its shock absorbing properties.
  • Provides GAG building blocks for cartilage and joint fluids synthesis
  • Reduces cartilage destruction.
  • Maintains cartilage water content for joint load bearing
  • Helps to maintain joint function
Zinc Sulphate ~ "The Synthesiser"
  • A vital dietary trace element essential for enzymatic processes throughout the body
  • Especially important in the formation of cartilage
Maximising joint health for your cat Cats are considered to be naturally agile and flexible animals. The structure of joints and cartilage provide the body with this flexibilty and a "built-in" shock-absorbing mechanism. Recent research has suggested that joint damage is significantly under recognised in cats. Unlike humans and dogs, cats behave very differently and may not show overt lameness. Instead, the following may be indications of joint disorders in cats:
  • Reduced activity
  • Inability to jump on to high surfaces
  • Poor coat condition due to lack of proper grooming
  • Increased aggression
More Information
Manufacturer VetPlus
Presentation Capsules
Instructions for use Give 1 capsule twice a day for a inital minimum period of 6 weeks. After the initial treatment period, depending on response, the number of capsules administered can be reduced to a maintenance level of one capsule once a day.
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 1 capsule per day at maintenance
How long will it last (days)? 90 days
Approx cost per day 43p
Ingredients Label Glucosamine HCL, N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine, Ascorbic Acid, Chondroitin Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate
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