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  1. Animalife Vetrofen Intense Sachets 4 x 3.5g Sachet
    Animalife Vetrofen Intense Sachets (Equine)
    From £3.99
  2. Animalife Vetrofen Intense Instant Syringe Twin Pack (2 x 30ml)
    Animalife Vetrofen Intense Instant Syringe (Equine)
    From £24.99
  3. Animalife Intense Instant Syringes Twin Pack (2 x 25ml)
    Animalife Vetrocalm Intense Instant Syringe (Equine)
    From £12.99
  4. Animalife Vetrogard Intense 525g
    Animalife Vetrogard Intense 525g (Equine)
  5. Animalife Vetroflex Senior 1800ml
    Animalife Vetroflex Senior (Equine)
    From £69.99
  6. Animalife Vetroflex Pet 60g
    Animalife Vetroflex Pet 60g (Canine/Feline)
  7. Animalife Vetroflex Original 2000g
    Animalife Vetroflex Original (Equine)
    From £39.99
  8. Animalife Vetroflex Healthy 1800ml
    Animalife Vetroflex Healthy (Equine)
    From £29.99
  9. Animalife Vetrofen Pet 30 Capsules
    Animalife Vetrofen Pet (Canine/Feline)
    From £13.00
  10. Animalife Vetrocalm Senior 900g (90 day)
    Animalife Vetrocalm Senior (Equine)
    From £19.99
  11. Animalife Vetrocalm Healthy 900g (90 day)
    Animalife Vetrocalm Healthy (Equine)
    From £17.99
  12. Animalife Vetrocalm Growing 900g (90 day)
    Animalife Vetrocalm Growing (Equine)
    From £19.99
  13. Animalife Vetrocalm Intense Instant Syringe 75ml
    Animalife Vetrocalm Intense Instant Syringe 75ml (Equine)
  14. Animalife Vetrocalm Intense Instant Refill (Equine)
    Animalife Vetrocalm Intense Instant Refill (Equine)
    From £29.99
  15. Animalife Vetrofen Healthy 360g (90 day)
    Animalife Vetrofen Healthy (Equine)
    From £29.99
  16. Animalife Vetrofen Intense 315g (90 day)
    Animalife Vetrofen Intense (Equine)
    From £59.99

16 Items

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About Animalife

Animalife’s commitment to scientific research and discovery has affirmed its market-leading position as an innovator. The company has taken on a commitment to nature, as it feels it is important to think about the long-term effects of scientific research. Animalife works with responsible partners who care about the environment and are committed to the principles of biodiversity and sustainable production methods.

Animalife ensures the quality and efficacy of ingredients. All ingredients are 100% traceable from raw material to the finished product and have been sourced exclusively from officially certified suppliers. World-class scientists utilise state of the art technology to formulate products. Using the latest global advances and innovations, Animalife provides some of the best natural solutions in nature.

Animalife products are used professionally and are proudly recommended by leading vets and international team riders.


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