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Calming & Behaviour

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  1. Hilton Herbs Tranquility Gold 250ml
    Hilton Herbs Tranquility Gold (Canine)
    From £10.00
  2. NutriScience KalmAid 30 Tablets
    NutriScience KalmAid 30 Tablets (Canine/Feline)
  3. NutriScience KalmAid 250ml
    NutriScience KalmAid 250ml (Canine/Feline)
  4. Ceva Adaptil Spray 60ml
    Ceva Adaptil Spray 60ml (Canine)
    RRP £33.60 Special Price £23.00
  5. Hilton Herbs Valerian Root
    Hilton Herbs Valerian Root (Equine/Canine)
    From £13.73
  6. VetIQ Serene-UM Calming Tablets
    VetIQ Serene-UM Calming Tablets for Cats & Dogs 1-20kg (Canine/Feline)
    From £6.00
  7. Wendals Herbs Calmer (Canine)
    Wendals Herbs Calmer (Canine)
    From £14.95
  8. Hilton Herbs Tranquility
    Hilton Herbs Tranquility (Canine)
    From £9.00
  9. Lintbells YuCALM Dog 30 Tablets
    Lintbells YuCALM Dog Tablets (Canine)
    From £16.50
  10. The Herbal Pet Serenity Formula (200g Pictured)
    The Herbal Pet Serenity Formula (Canine/Feline)
    From £14.24
  11. Dorwest Herbs Scullcap & Valerian 100 Tablets
    Dorwest Herbs Scullcap & Valerian Tablets (Canine/Feline)
    From £11.20
  12. VetSpec Calm & Focused 200g
    VetSpec Calm & Focused (Canine)
    From £19.00
  13. Feedmark Calm-A-Pet Tub
    Feedmark Calm-A-Pet (Canine)
    From £23.74
  14. Ceva Adaptil Collar M-L Dog
    Ceva Adaptil Collar (Canine)
    From £22.50
  15. Ceva Adaptil Express Tablets 10 Pack and 40 Pack
    Ceva Adaptil Express Tablets (Canine)
    From £10.00
  16. Global Herbs Relax Extra 30 or 60 Capsules Smal Dog (60 Capsules Small Dog Pictured)
    Global Herbs Relax Extra (Canine)
    From £10.25
  17. Global Herbs Relax 60 or 120 Large Dog (60 Capsules Large Dog Pictured)
    Global Herbs Relax (Canine)
    From £15.40
  18. Ceva Adaptil Starter Kit
    Ceva Adaptil Starter Kit (Canine)
    RRP £40.03 Special Price £23.99
  19. Ceva Adaptil Diffuser Refill 48ml
    Ceva Adaptil Diffuser Refill 48ml (Canine)
    From £19.99
  20. VetPlus Calmex
    Calmex for Dogs Anxiety & Stress Relief Capsules 120 Capsules (Canine)
    RRP £163.20 Special Price £89.00

20 Items

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