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  1. Omega Equine Apple Cider Vinegar (Equine)
    Omega Equine Apple Cider Vinegar (Equine)
    From £4.40
  2. Omega Equine Agnus Castus 1kg (Equine)
    Omega Equine Agnus Castus 1kg (Equine)
  3. Omega Equine ASU Extra 750g (Equine)
    Omega Equine ASU Extra 750g (Equine)
  4. Omega Equine Vitality (Equine)-1.5kg
    Omega Equine Vitality (Equine)
    From £14.99
  5. Omega Equine Vita E (Equine)-1 Litre
    Omega Equine Vita E (Equine)
    From £42.50
  6. Omega Equine Turmeric Extra (Equine)-3.5kg
    Omega Equine Turmeric Extra (Equine)-3.5kg
  7. Omega Equine Respirair Boost (Equine)-925g
    Omega Equine Respirair Boost (Equine)-925g
      £21.99 As low as £21.25
  8. Omega Equine Muscle (Equine)-1.98kg
    Omega Equine Muscle (Equine)
    From £36.00
  9. Omega Equine MSM (Equine)-1kg
    Omega Equine MSM (Equine)-1kg
  10. Omega Equine Magnesium (Equine)-750g
    Omega Equine Magnesium (Equine)-750g
  11. Omega Equine Glucosamine Extra (Equine)-900g
    Omega Equine Glucosamine Extra (Equine)
    From £15.50
  12. Omega Equine Garlic Granules (Equine)-1kg
    Omega Equine Garlic Granules (Equine)
    From £5.99
  13. Omega Equine Flaxseed Oil (Equine)-1 Litre
    Omega Equine Flaxseed Oil (Equine)
    From £8.75
  14. Omega Equine Electrolytes (Equine)-1.5kg
    Omega Equine Electrolytes (Equine)
    From £13.50
  15. Omega Equine Digest Gut Balancer (Equine)-650g
    Omega Equine Digest Gut Balancer (Equine)
    From £15.99
  16. Omega Equine Brewers Yeast (Equine)-3kg
    Omega Equine Brewers Yeast (Equine)
    From £16.99
  17. Omega Equine Boswellia (Equine)-900g
    Omega Equine Boswellia (Equine)
    From £26.99 As low as £26.00
  18. Omega Equine Biotin Extra (Equine)-2kg
    Omega Equine Biotin Extra (Equine)-2kg
  19. Omega Equine Aloe Juice (Equine)-1 Litre
    Omega Equine Aloe Juice (Equine)
    From £10.99

19 Items

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  • Omega Equine has built a fantastic range of innovative supplements, which have proved extremely popular with equine consumers including individual leisure horse owners through to Gold Medal winning competition riders.
  • Having completed the development of our new manufacturing facility we are now excited and ready to produce a full range of supplements for like minded horse owners.
  • At Omega Equine years of research has been conducted by our company director Paul Ainsworth whose background includes competing at international level, growing ingredients and the manufacturing sector. He has researched particularly the most beneficial ingredients and how they work together to optimise equine health.
  • Products have been designed using the best ingredients sourced and are manufactured in our BETA NOPS accredited factory.
  • We offer a unique specialist range of healthy supplements from our own Cold Pressed Flax oil to Muscle products including a naturally sourced Vitamin E.
  • If you need a particular product from their range that is not on our website please contact us and we will do our best to source it.

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