Racing Blue STORM (Equine)

STORM is an exciting breakthrough in sports nutrition for horses. Just imagine the difference during racing or competition if a horse could sustain its top speed for just an extra few seconds. STORM, which is at the cutting edge of nutritional research in horses and human athletes, could be the key.
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Lactic acid build up in muscle during any type of fast exercise, or sustained jumping eventually leads horses to tire. STORM helps to slow the process of fatigue by supporting the natural ability of muscle to buffer lactic acid build up.

STORM is founded on science

STORM is supported by robust published scientific research carried out in both horses and humans. Unlike some feed supplements, the active ingredients in STORM have been shown to be absorbed from the digestive tract.

A natural component of the diet

STORM combines active ingredients that can be found naturally in the horse's diet. For example, beta-alanine forms part of the B-vitamin pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which is found in both cereals and forages alike. Enhanced supplementation and improved absorption is needed to efficiently support muscle buffering during exercise.

Protected by patents

The scientific research that underpins the action of STORM was carried out in horses by British scientists, and their work led to a series of studies in humans, providing a weight of evidence for its use as a sports supplement for horses. STORM is the only supplement for horses that contains patented beta-alanine, which is protected by global patents covering its use in horses, humans and other species.

What is STORM?

A feed supplement that helps horses deal with lactic acid produced in muscle during intense exercise. STORM® helps boost lactic acid buffering in muscle by supporting the synthesis of a mini protein or ‘dipeptide’ called carnosine.

How much STORM do I need to feed per day?

STORM needs to be fed at a rate of 30g per day, ideally split into 15g x 2 feeds. A scoop that delivers 15g is provided in each bucket. A horse would require ~ 1kg of STORM per month.

For how long do I need to feed STORM?

For a sustained effect STORM® needs to be fed daily throughout the race or competition season and ideally 1-3 months before the season starts.

Will my horse benefit from STORM?

Yes, if your horse needs to accelerate quickly, maintain high speed and/or produced sudden bursts of power for jumping during exercise. Intense exercise leads to the build up of lactic acid in muscle, which contributes to horses tiring. If muscle lactic acid is buffered more efficiently, fatigue can be delayed and top speed can be maintained for longer. STORM is suitable for racehorses, eventers, polo ponies, showjumpers and endurance horses.

How do I know that STORM is effective?

STORM is supported by published scientific research in horses and a wealth of studies in humans. You can visit the downloads page on the STORM website to view some of these articles.
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Manufacturer Racing Blue
Testimonial Racing Blue STORM made its debut in top level eventing in 2012 assisting New Zealand eventing legends Mark Todd and Andrew Nicholson, and team mates Jonathan Paget, Jonelle Richards and Caroline Powell in winning their bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics. Most recently, Andrew Nicholson has consolidated that success by winning Burghley Horse trials with Jonathan Paget in fifth. Both riders now top the FEI HSBC world rankings in eventing in 1st and 3rd positions respectively.

Clayton Fredericks gives Racing Blue STORM the thumbs up in the run up to London 2012 - “I came across Racing Blue STORM at BETA this year and was impressed with the level of science behind it in horses and also that its key ingredient beta-alanine is the must have supplement for human athletes. STORM is now a vital part of my horses’ feeding regime.” – Clayton Fredericks.

“I have noticed more energy, better performance and a quicker recuperation when I use STORM. It’s an important part of my competition horses’ nutrition.” – Luis Alvarez Cervera

"As an Endurance rider I am looking for optimum nutrition and fitness in all my horses and am always looking for the edge, and I believe STORM has already begun to do that. Training my horses with heart rate monitors allows me to monitor their fitness and monitor their working and recovery heart rates and since using STORM I have noticed that the normal working heart rates during high intensity training has decreased giving me confidence that lactic acid is being effectively managed in muscle to delay the onset of fatigue. It is easy to feed and palatable. I will continue to use STORM feeding it to all my horses." - Beccy Broughton

“we’re really finding that STORM is making a big difference to Walkman BC - our Grand Prix dressage horse. He has always been a horse that can get a bit tight after strenuous work and we’ve tried loads of products that claim to give muscle support but STORM really DOES seem to ‘do what it says on the tin’. He recently did 2 days intensive training followed by 2 normal days work and he came out as fresh on day 4 as he had before he started - something that we would never have expected before. Looking forward to trying it on the other horses now!” - Jane Roberts.

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My Horse Is... A Racehorse
Instructions for use - Feed STORM at a rate of 30g per day, split into two feeds
- A single horse would require approximately 1kg of STORM per month
- For sustained effect, STORM should be fed daily for 1-3 months before the first race or competition and then throughout the racing or competition season
Maintenance Feeding Rate (average size animal) 30g per day
How long will it last (days)? A 3kg tub fed at 30g per day will last approximately three months
Approx cost per day 1.50
Ingredients Label Beta-alanine
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