When was the last time you checked your equine first aid kit?

A must-have for horse and rider alike, a well-stocked first aid kit can prove just as crucial on a local hack as it can while travelling cross-country to shows.

From poultices, to Vet Cling and wound wash, it pays to be prepared.

One thing which might be missing from your first aid kit is Aluspray. When applied to your horse’s skin, this pioneering spray forms an aluminium powder barrier – perfect for protecting cleaned, disinfected wounds. The fine mist adheres to the skin and completely covers the wound without damaging wound tissue.

Aluspray works by forming a protective barrier against moisture and is also weather resistant – perfect for outdoor animals. Wondering whether you can use it for your livestock too? Go ahead! You won’t find any antibiotic in Aluspray, so it’s perfectly safe to use on food-producing animals.

Aluspray can be sprayed quietly and upside down.

The handy 210ml can is great for on the go and can be sprayed quietly and upside down, with accuracy. Aluspray is breathable to allow the wound to breathe, which is essential for optimal healing, and it won’t burn or blister sensitive skin.

It can be removed as quickly as it was applied too. Unlike some of the trickier, colour dyes, simply wash Aluspray off with warm soapy water to allow you to inspect the wound, or before competing or showing.

You’ll find everything you need for your equine first aid kit on our site, browse our First Aid section now. And don’t forget to add Aluspray to your next order!