How can you ensure your horse is at his best as we approach the winter months? It’s all about restoring the balance.

In our latest guest post, Global Herbs’s Stephen Ashdown MRCVS offers his advice on how to ensure your horse has a happy winter – he's even included a tip to boost your smaller furry friends’ wellbeing too... 

Horses stabled for winter

Horses are lucky because they go barefoot all the time, even if they have metal shoes on.  As Clint Oberc discovered - when we or our horses go barefoot, they naturally absorb lots of free electrons from the earth which helps neutralise all the free radicals that occur in our body. 


So, if horses are grounding all the time what else do they need to get balanced? Luckily the Global Herbs team has developed a detoxing liver tonic called Restore which goes a long way to help.  We all get exposed to toxins but in some ways horses are particularly unlucky, because they eat a lot of hay, straw and even polluted grass. Modern agriculture tends to survive on chemicals. Therefore, to survive this modern trend we must help our bodies get rid of those chemicals.

Global Herbs Restore is based on the plant Indian Ginseng (Andrographis paniculata or Creet).  It does contain some of the popular milk thistle, but this is really less important compared to all the other more powerful plants in the formula.

Restore is all about getting the balance ‘spot on’.  It is quite incredible what you see when you start to get this balance right. After one night a horse will often look brighter and yet more relaxed.

The effects can include:

  • A great pick me up
  • More comfortable guts
  • A lightning quick immune boost
  • Better flexibility
  • A deeper coat colour
  • A very sprightly liver
  • A detoxed body
  • Clearer thinking
  • Better utilisation of feed
  • Better utilisation of other supplements

The best way to feed Restore is a 500ml or 1 litre course four times per year, during seasonal change.  It goes very well with the super absorbable GlobalVite and this combination will really make your horse 'tip top'.

Not just for horses

Restore is also available for dogs.  Its canine counterpart is called ReviveGlobal Herbs’s operations director was very surprised a few months ago when advised to use Revive on his old Labrador which had some mouth problems. It turned out the dog simply needed a nice safe immune boost and detox and he has never looked back since!

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