As a rider that started out in the showing world Emily knows a lot about shiny tack and she's tried out a lot of different varieties. In this blog she talks about the new NAF Sheer Luxe Leather range that she's put to the test on her tack!

"The NAF Sheer Luxe Leather range are the best products I’ve used for tack cleaning! Tack cleaning is one of those jobs you never particularly like doing, but when you get good results and your tack is left clean and shiny it can be really satisfying!

Normally it takes me a long time to clean the leather with soap and then use a conditioner on the tack afterwards; the conditioner often leaves the tack looking and feeling a little greasy! It is important however to use conditioner on the tack after using soap to stop the leather drying out and cracking. Often conditioners can be pricey too, particularly the branded makes recommended by each saddle company.

With the NAF Sheer Luxe Leather Cleanse & Condition tack cleaning is A LOT EASIER! It is a simple spray bottle application and it is a bit like an ‘all in one’ shampoo and does a great job lifting the dirt and grease off the leather, yet leaves it soft and supple ready for competition. With no need to apply conditioner to the leather it is also left looking clean and shiny without that greasy/sticky feel you often get when applying other conditioners.

With the Sheer Luxe range they also do a leather balsam for deeper leather conditioning and a leather food perfect for new tack that’s still a little stiff. These smell great and again I have experienced great results that leave the tack feeling supple, without that sticky after feel.

I am not sponsored or supported by NAF products and the above is my genuine opinion of what I have experienced to be great products. The Cleanse & Condition is something that makes the tack clean for competitions a lot quicker and easier, with sparkling results (I also use it on my long boots!). When comparing the price to other similar products on the market, the Sheer Luxe range is also great value for money! I would certainly recommend this range as a good investment for the season ahead!

Emily x"

Sheer Luxe Leather