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  1. Synovium Lactaplus 6 x 40g Sachets (Equine)
    Synovium Lactaplus 6 x 40g Sachets (Equine)
  2. Synovium Myocare-E 1.5kg (Equine)
    Synovium Myocare-E 1.5kg (Equine)
  3. Synovium Arnica Hydrogel 250ml (Equine)
    Synovium Arnica Hydrogel 250ml (Equine)
  4. Synovium Prefit 2kg (Equine)
    Synovium Prefit 2kg (Equine)
  5. Synovium MSM Pure 1kg (Equine)
    Synovium MSM Pure 1kg (Equine)
  6. Synovium Electrolytes Q 2.5kg (Equine)
    Synovium Electrolytes Q 2.5kg (Equine)
  7. Synovium Hippochol 1 Litre
    Synovium Hippochol 1 Litre (Equine)
  8. Synovium Myobuilder 1kg
    Synovium Myobuilder 1kg (Equine)
  9. Synovium MSM Optimal-C 1.5kg
    Synovium MSM Optimal-C 1.5kg (Equine)
  10. Synovium Motion-JMT (Equine)-1.5kg
    Synovium Motion-JMT (Equine)
    From £68.00
  11. Synovium Lactaplus 60g Paste
    Synovium Lactaplus 60g Paste (Equine)
  12. Synovium Gastrosafe (Equine)
    Synovium Gastrosafe (Equine)
    From £47.99
  13. Synovium Calmingard 5x10ml Syringe (Equine)
    Synovium Calmingard 5x10ml Syringe (Equine)
  14. Synovium Airplus Liquid 1 Litre
    Synovium Airplus Liquid 940ml (Equine)
  15. Synovium Agility 1kg
    Synovium Agility 1kg (Equine)
  16. Synovium Sand-oil 369 (Equine)
    Synovium Sand-oil 369 (Equine)
    From £54.00
  17. Synovium Linseed Oil (Equine)
    Synovium Linseed Oil (Equine)
    From £12.99
  18. Synovium Ginger MSM Liniment (Equine)
    Synovium Ginger MSM Liniment (Equine)
    From £16.99
  19. Synovium Megabol 1 Litre (Equine)
    Synovium Megabol 1 Litre (Equine)
  20. Synovium Paraffine Oil 5 Litre (Equine)
    Synovium Paraffine Oil 5 Litre (Equine)

Items 1 to 20 of 27

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About Synovium

Synovium is another name for the fluid inside every joint. The inside of a joint should be pure and clean, and Synovium endeavours to apply the same principle to all its products.

Synovium horse supplements are the result of years of extensive scientific and veterinary research into horse health, nutrition and performance by a leading team of vets from Vetmarx BV, The Netherlands. 

Synovium has been developed on scientific evidence and undergoes strict veterinary trials in all equestrian disciplines to guarantee effectiveness & quality. All its products are quality assured, and all its laboratories are GMP+ certified.

The Synovium team work within the heart of the equestrian industry and share your love and passion for horses. Working alongside horses every day the team works hard to provide a go to brand that you can trust.


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