Equilibrium Products Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots (Equine)

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Tested, hard-wearing over reach boots for horses, specifically designed for jumping and galloping.

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Have a horse that’s prone to over reaching on the cross country course, or loves to remove shoes in the field? The Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots are a popular tack room staple for many riders to help prevent strike injuries caused by over reaching.

  • Carefully designed with an anti-spin heel button.
  • Great protection for high impact sports or during turnout.
  • Tough PU Kevlar type strike guard heel strike pad.
  • Hardwearing, waterproof and rot-proof.

When it comes to our rider wear and equipment, testing is inevitable. So why do we compromise on our horses’ equipment? This is why our Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots are put through a unique 3-phase testing process, giving you the confidence you need when choosing the right protection for your horse.

What are Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots made of?
With the Equilibrium Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots, protection is where it’s most needed. Made from a PU Kevlar type strike guard at the heel allows for concentrated protection, without being too bulky or heavy for your horse.

Featuring an EVA foam inner layer, this shock absorbing layer aids in preventing further injury if your horse was to knock himself, due to its tough and flexible properties.

The outer layer is made from a ballistic PU Nylon, which is both hard-wearing, waterproof, and even rot-proof, providing not only a long-lasting boot, but long-lasting protection for your horse!

What is the Testing Process?

Testing Phase 1

In the same laboratory that test standards of riding hats and body protectors, Tri-Zone Over Reach boots are safety tested to their limits for their ability to withstand concussion and penetration.

For concussion and penetration the testing is carried out using a custom made test rig consisting of a tower from which either a blunt hammer or a cutting blade is dropped onto the boots in a controlled fashion. The weight of the blade and hammer are fixed and different forces are applied to the boots by varying the height from which they were dropped onto the boots. Boots were hit with forces ranging from 1.25 to 20 Joules. These forces were chosen as being those likely to occur in the horse during exercise, for example when hitting obstacles or over-reaching. Here we used a carrot at 5 joules to replicate the soft tissue in a horses’ leg hitting an obstacle.

Adding even small amounts of weight to the end of the leg in the form of a boot significantly increases the effort the horse must make to run and can also alter the stride characteristics. Some boots can double in weight if the horse is being exercised in the rain, on wet ground or going through water. This can seriously affect stamina and performance. We design and test our boots to minimise water absorption, excess weight but without compromising on protection.

Testing Phase 2 

The boots then undergo trials by an extensive tester panel of horse owners and riders who test them for the fit, comfort, ease of use and washing to ensure we have not only a safe product but one that people can easily use and trust.

Testing Phase 3

Finally the boots go through the rigorous test of being used all day, every day on busy competition yards by teams of professional riders. The Tri-Zone Over Reach boots are worn either at home or at competitions by an array of Olympic riders, world champions and top producers.

Size Guide

Small/Medium (Pony/Cob): Top circumference 30+/-3cm, Bottom circumference 39+/-3cm, Length of boot 9+/-3cm

Large/Extra Large (Horse): Top circumference 31.5+/-3cm, Bottom circumference 45+/-3cm, Length of boot 10+/-3cm

Size Guide - Tri-Zone Over Reach Boots

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