Lintbells YuDIGEST Dog Tablets (Canine)

After extensive research into gut health, we have developed YuDIGEST Dog, a unique complex of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria specifically developed to actively support your dog's digestive health:
  • Tops up good bacteria 200 million probiotic bacteria per tablet help to restore and stabilise your dog's natural population of health-protecting gut bacteria.
  • Inhibits bad bacteria provides bioactive prebiotics that bind and remove harmful bacteria that can cause digestive upsets, whilst feeding the good bacteria.
  • Supports digestive health the bioactive combination of probiotic and prebiotics support a healthy gut environment to aid digestive health, helping your dog stay fit and active.
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YuDIGEST Dog comes as a tasty tablet, so you can give it to your dog whenever is most convenient - either with their meal, or simply as a tablet on its own during the day.

Digestive upsets are very common in dogs and can be caused by a number of reasons including change of diet, stress, scavenging or difficulty digesting food. Typical signs of digestive upsets include:
  • Loose or runny stools
  • Excess flatulence
  • Poor appetite
  • Dull coat and poor overall health
Benefits: YuDIGEST provides a unique daily probiotic/prebiotic complex to support the natural balance of your dog's digestive system, helping them cope with the digestive challenges life throws at them!
  • Probiotic Enterococcus faecium E1707 is an EU registered strain of probiotics approved for dogs and helps to restore and stabilise your dog's natural population of health-protecting good bacteria.
  • High purity prebiotics MOS, scFOS and Beta glucans help to block bad bacteria and feed the good bacteria in your dog's digestive system.
By feeding YUMPRO BioActiv daily, you can ensure your dog is receiving an ideal active complex to restore natural digestive balance. Proven Results: During digestive upsets, bad bacteria can flourish causing an imbalance. YUMPRO BioActiv provides a unique combination of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria to restore your dog's natural digestive balance. Probiotic Bacteria: Probiotics benefit your dog in several ways. They compete with pathogenic bacteria for nutrients and block points in your dog's digestive system where the pathogens try to attach. Probiotics such as the E. faecium bacteria in YUMPRO BioActiv change the environment of your gut in favour of good bacteria so that it is harder for the pathogens such as E.coli and Salmonella to grow. They are designed to be taken every day to help bolster the natural population of health-protecting gut bacteria. Prebiotics Prebiotics are special types of carbohydrates that benefit your dog by supporting the good bacteria in your dog's digestive system. YUMPRO BioActiv contains three different beneficial prebiotics:
  • Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) block harmful bacteria and feed the beneficial bacteria in your dog's digestive system
  • Fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS) feed the beneficial bacteria and help support the intestinal barrier
  • Beta-glucans support the intestinal immune system
This special combination is proven to provide 3 key benefits for your dog:
  • Supports their overall digestive health
  • Maintains firm stools
  • Reduces flatulence and smell
More Information
Manufacturer Lintbells
Testimonial "Dexter has an on going issue with gut problems. Because of this I have felt that he has needed a supplement to boost his good bacteria. So far I am really pleased with the results. He is very active and a lot happier in himslef, I hope this will continue over the next few months, thank you." - Jane Wilkinson
Suitable for use during pregnancy? YES
Instructions for use Small Breeds (up to 10kg) - 1 tablet
Medium Breeds (11-25kg) - 2 tablets
Large Breeds (26-40kg) - 3 tablets
Very Large Breeds (over 40kg) - 4 tablets
Ingredients Label Probiotic Enterococcus faecium E1707 Prebiotics: Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS), Fructo-oligosaccharides (scFOS), Beta-glucans
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