Annual Strategic Worming Programme (Equine)

Confused about worming? Looking for an easy, effective solution? Supplement Solutions has the answer... Supplement Solutions' Annual Worming Programme is a strategic worming programme including all necessary worm counts/tests and appropriate wormers for the entire year for your horse: - Encysted Small Redworm Treatment - up to 2 x EquiSal Tapeworm Tests - 2-3 x Westgate Labs Worm Count Kits (Faecal Egg Counts) - Any wormers needed following testing are free of charge. You will also recieve a free of charge Protexin Quick Fix with your first wormer Plus: - Welcome pack including worming record, weigh tape, a Supplement Solutions gift and other goodies For an all inclusive price paid once a year we take the hassle away! The price per horse lowers the more horses you add to the programme! Yards with 25 horses or more please feel free to email us and we can make a programme to suit your individual requirements!

  • Buy 2 for   £111.50 each and save 3%
  • Buy 3 for   £109.25 each and save 5%
  • Buy 6 for   £105.80 each and save 8%
RRP £165.65 Special Price £115.00

"Gone are the days where all horses are wormed with the same drug at the same time. My strategic plan includes tests before treatments at the right time of the year to ensure that your horse doesn't receive unnecessary wormers." Hannah Wild - Virbac 3D Worming Equine SQP of the Year.

How does it work? - A strategic worming programme is supplied for the year including all necessary worm counts and appropriate wormers. - All inclusive price, no extra payments if your horse needs worming following testing. Bought separately has an RRP of over £165 for the year! - Make the most of free postage! Worm counts and wormers are posted out to you when you need to use them. Add your supplements and care products to the parcel for no extra postage cost. - Much more than a bag of wormers and a calendar, we provide worming advice to suit your horse's individual needs!

Plus: - Welcome pack including worming record for you to keep track of your horse's tests and treatment (we keep a record too), weigh tape to monitor approx weight, a Supplement Solutions gift and other goodies. 

Quick Fix is a highly concentrated probiotic and prebiotic paste to rapidly re-establish gut microflora in times of stress or change include worming. During worming the beneficial microorganisms in the hindgut can be adversely affected, Quick Fix helps to re-build them as quickly as possible! The programme is strategic, so we send you a worm count kit, you send the sample away (in the prepaid envelope), our SQP interprets the results and we get get in touch with the results. Should your horse need treatment following testing the appropriate wormer is sent out in the post! We control the whole programme so all you need to do is test or worm when we post them to you. Dead simple and cost effective!

What is strategic worming? - Previously most horse owners opted for “interval dosing” whereby wormers are administered to the horse at regular intervals throughout the year, regardless of whether a worm burden was present or not. Unfortunately, this strategy is no longer thought to be the best way to control the equine parasite population. In fact, it is actually assisting the parasites, by allowing them to evolve to become resistant to the drugs being used, making this treatment plan less effective. Vets and SQP’s are now encouraging horse owners to adopt the “strategic dosing” method of parasite control. This involves only treating those horses that have been identified as having worm burdens and dosing for specific parasites at certain times of the year. A strategic worming programme allows minimal unnecessary drug use and maximum worm control, by targeting certain types of parasite with specific drugs at set times of the year. The programme is not set in stone and we tailor it to individual horse's needs, whether that's a sensitivity to certain drugs in wormers or using the tests at slightly different times of the year. It's a completely individual programme designed around your horse and their specific situation! We offer discounts for multiple horses and yards, however we do require you to send all tests off at the same time and results will only be sent to one named person.

More Information
Manufacturer Supplement Solutions
Size Pack
Instructions for use We send you the wormer or worm count/test as you need to use them. Before we send post them out we will get in touch to see if the horse's situation is the same and tailor the test/treatment to their exact needs. Once you receive the wormer or worm count/test simply follow the instructions in the pack and we do the rest!
How long will it last (days)? 1 year
Ingredients Label - 1 x Encysted Small Redworm Treatment - Up to 2 x EquiSal Tapeworm Tests - 2-3 x Westgate Labs Worm Count Kits (Faecal Egg Counts) - Any wormers needed following testing are free of charge
Legal Category POM-VPS (Prescription-only medicine). Please answer the questions above.
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